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End of the Road

End of the Road will be taking place Aug 22-23 in Indianapolis, IN. Games will be live streamed here. If you would like a download copy of games or would like an individual player highlight please email us

For technical issues contact

If video workers begin to miss the action repeatedly and talk throughout the game please text 510.375.3496 with the team name/court.

College Coaches click here for coaches packet.

Spectators Click here to watch.

Sunday, Aug 23 Schedule

8AM Ct 1 Cincy Nation Black vs Indiana Prime

8AM Ct 2 NKY Knights vs Louisville Legends

8AM Ct 3 The Future vs Team Knockdown

9:15AM Ct 1 vs Capital Comets vs Team Ohio

9:15AM Ct 2 Team AT31 vs Chicago Xtreme

9:15AM Ct 3 Louisville Legends 2021 vs Slaam 2021 Norman

10:30AM Ct 1 Indiana Thunder vs Indiana Flight 2022

10:30AM Ct 2 1Nation vs Sports City U

10:30AM Ct 3 Central IL Predators vs Team Ohio Coffee

11:45AM Ct 1 Indiana Flight Silver Attack vs Cincy Finest

11:45AM Ct 3 Central IL Predators 2021 vs Team Knockdown

1PM Ct 1 TBA



2:15PM Ct 1 TBA

2:15PM Ct 2 TBA

2:15PM Ct 3 TBA

3:30PM Ct 1 TBA

3:30PM Ct 2 TBA

3:30PM Ct 3 TBA

4:45PM Ct 1 TBA

4:45PM Ct 2 Capital Comets Fowler vs TBA

Saturday, Aug 22 Schedule

10AM Ct1 Cincy Nation Black vs The Future

10AM Ct 2 Capital City Comets vs NKY Lady Nights

10AM Ct 3 Team Knockdown vs Indiana Elite Prime

11:15AM Ct 1 Louisville Legends 2021 vs Central IL Predators

11:15AM Ct 2 Team AT31 vs OTP

11:15AM Ct 3 Central IL Predators vs Indiana Thunder

12:30PM Ct 1 Chicago Xtreme Vars vs Capital City Comets Fowler

12:30PM Ct 2 Toledo Thunder vs Indiana Flight 2022

12:30PM Ct 3 Team Ohio vs Louisville Legends

1:45PM Ct 1 IN Flight Silver Attack vs 1Nation

1:45PM Ct  2 Slaam 2021 Norman vs Cincy Finest

1:45PM Ct 3 Sports City U vs West Michigan

3PM Ct 1 TBA

3PM Ct 2 TBA

3PM Ct 3 TBA

4:15PM Ct 1 TBA

4:15PM Ct2 TBA

4:15PM Ct 3 TBA

5:30PM Ct 1 TBA

5:30PM CT 2 TBA

5:30PM Ct 3 TBA

6:45PM Ct 1 TBA

6:45PM CT 2 TBA

6:45PM Ct 3 TBA