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Summer Jam

Summer Jam will be taking place July 31-Aug 2 in Shakopee, MN. Games at Shakopee ONLY will be live streamed here. If you would like a download copy of games or would like an individual player highlight please email us

For technical issues contact

If video workers begin to miss the action repeatedly and talk throughout the game please text 510.375.3496 with the team name/court.

College Coaches Click here

Spectators Click here to watch.

Schedule TBA Team Names will be updated. Schedule is not available as of yet. Have to go by court number for now.

Sunday, Aug 2 Schedule

8AM Ct 1 The CIty 6 vs 43Hoops Phillips

8AM Ct 2 Starks 17 vs MO River 17

8AM Ct 3 Wisconsin Black vs 43Hoops Antilla

8AM Ct 4 Cal Stars 17 Blue vs Wisconsin Hoops

8AM Ct 5 MN Diamond 11th vs MN Hustler Amber

8AM Ct 6 MN SUns 2021 Froehlich vs UVA Wensel

8AM Ct 7 Crossfire 5 Stern vs Crossfire 5 Schroeder

8AM Ct 8 2027 E1T1 Queens McCoy vs MN Stars 5 Antl

8AM Ct 9 NT North vs Dakota Edge

8AM Ct 10 Starks 6 vs MN Stars 6 Joerger

9:15AM Ct 1 North Tartan 15 vs MN Stars 9 Knight

9:15AM Ct 2 MN Suns BS 2024 vs MN Stars Borowicz

9:15AM CT 3 MN Stars Gardner vs MN Rise Geistfeld

9:15AM Ct 4 Prep Buerman vs Prep Scott

9:15AM Ct 5 MN Hustle Frank vs Metro Stars 2024

9:15AM CT 6 2021 Playmakers Premier vs Metro Stars 2022/21

9:15AM Ct 7 MN Stars  Schneiderman vs NT 5 Elite

9:15AM Ct 8 MN Fury 2027 vs E1T1 Lyman

9:15AM Ct 9 MN Fury 2024 vs MN Stars 2024 Yellow

9:15AM Ct 10 Crossfire 7 Davison vs The City 12

10:30AM Ct 1 FBC North 2023 vs 2023 Martin Bros

10:30AM Ct 2 FBC North 2021 vs Cal Stars 17 Red

10:30AM Ct 3 NDPRO 2023 Jacobson vs MN Heat West

10:30AM Ct 4 Crossfire 9th Goodman vs MN Suns 2023 Fried

10:30AM CT 5 MN Diamond vs MN Suns 2023

10:30AM Ct 6 Cal Stars 2023 Red vs Crossfire 9th Vaughn

10:30AM Ct 7 Metro Stars Wiese vs Metro Stars Ruffin

10:30AM Ct 8 Tayler Hill vs MN Fury 2027

10:30AM Ct 9 North Tartan 6 Kuppe vs MN Stars 6 Kolden

10:30AM Ct 10 Air MN 5 Carpenter vs North Tartan SE 5

11:45AM Ct 1 MN Fury 2022 vs MN Fury 2022 UAA

11:45AM Ct 2 Crossfire 10th BS vs Cal Stars 2022 Red

11:45AM Ct 3 2022 Playmakers vs MN Stars Bjorgaard

11:45AM Ct 4 MN Rise Wright vs 2022 Martin Bros

11:45AM Ct 5 North Tartan SE 10th vs 43Hoops Martin

11:45AM Ct 6 NDPRO 2022 Porter vs MN Suns BS 2022

11:45AM Ct 7 Team WI Red vs Crossfire 10 Willey

11:45AM Ct 8 MN Suns 2027 Peters vs E1T1 Lyman

11:45AM Ct 9 2024 Playmakers vs NT 8 Tinjum

11:45AM Ct 10 MN Stars 10 Nilsen vs Metro Stars 2022

1PM Ct 1 Cal Stars 16 White vs 43Hoops McCoy

1PM Ct 2 MN Stars 9 Hersch vs North Tartan 15 Nike

1PM Ct 3 WI Force 10th vs Jump Street

1PM Ct 4 43 Hoops Cubie vs Crossfire BS Robertson

1PM Ct 5 Crossfire 8 Pearson vs Cal Stars 8 Red

1PM Ct 6 North Tartan 7 Monahan vs WI 2024 Schmeling

1PM Ct 7 North Tartan 7 Thalman vs MN Rise 12 Reinhart

1PM Ct 8 MN Stars 7 Edwards vs MN Suns BS 2025 Jones

1PM CT 9 MBA Olson vs MN Stars FLeming

1PM CT 10 MN FUry 2022 Yellow vs North Tartan 16

2:15PM 1 Ct 1MN Heat Vang vs MO River 16

2:15PM Ct 2 2022 Playmakers Premier vs 2022 Playmakers North

2:15PM Ct 3 43 Hoops Barnes vs Rochester Shock

2:15PM Ct 4 MN Rise Wolfe vs MN Stars Hersch

2:15PM Ct 5 42Hoops Harlander vs Crossfire South Gill

2:15PM Ct 6 North Tartan 4th vs MN Fury 2028

2:15PM Ct 7 Peopard 4th vs MN STars

2:15PM Ct 8 MN Fury 2025 Yellow vs MN Heat Poepard

2:15PM Ct 9 MN Comets vs Crossfire DeWitt 11th

2:15PM Ct 10 Central MN Smith vs MN Fury 2023

3:30PM Ct 1 WI Force 11th vs MBA Brown

3:30PM Ct 2 Crossfire Schuck vs 43Hoops Johnson

3:30PM Ct 3 MN Suns Blue Star 2021 vs MN Nice Ellis

3:30PM Ct 4 MN Stars Desart vs Crossfire BS Herman

3:30PM Ct 5 MN Fury 2025 vs vs Crossfire 7th Novak

3:30PM Ct 6 NXT Hoops vs 43Hoops Bugg

3:30PM CT 7 SO Minn Fury 2021 vs MN Stars 11 Zabel

3:30PM Ct 8 MN Fury 2021 vs 2021 Playmakers

3:30PM Ct 9 North Tartan 17 EYBL vs MN Fury 2021 UAA

3:30PM Ct 10 218 Fineday vs 43Hoops Bell

4:45PM Ct 1 MN Diamond 8th vs 2024 Playmakers North

4:45PM Ct 2 43Hoops Harlander vs MDB 8th

4:45PM Ct 3 43Hoops Ragulen vs MN Fury 2025 Blue

4:45PM Ct 4 TBA

4:45PM Ct 6 Splash City vs 43 Hoops Jo

4;45PM Ct 9 TBA

4:45PM Ct 10

Saturday, Aug 1

8AM Ct 1 WI Force 2022 vs Playmakers White Bear

8AM Ct 2 43 Hoop vs Bear Lake

8AM Ct 3 MN Comets vs Team Wisconsin

8AM Ct 4 Min Fury 2021 vs Playmakers

8AM Ct 5 Cal Stars 17 vs MN Suns 2021

8AM Ct 6 Starks 17 vs MN Diamond

8AM Ct 7 E1T1 Queens vs MN Stars 5th

8AM Ct 8 MN Fury 2027 vs MN Suns 2027

8AM Ct 9 2022 Playmakers vs Jump Street

8AM Ct 10 43 Hoops vs Rochester Shock

9:15AM Ct 1 Cal Stars 16 vs MBA Olson

9:15AMCT 2 MN Fury vs MN Heat Vang

9:15AM CT 3 Crossfire Dewitt vs Metro Stars 2022

9:15AM Ct 4 43 Hoops Antilla vs MN Stars 11

9:15AM CT 6 MN Hustler AMber vs Wisconsin City

9:15AM CT 7 E1T1 Lyman vs Cedar Lake

9:15AMCT 8 NT 5th vs MN STars

10:30AM CT 1

10:30AM CT 2

10:30AM Ct 3

10:30AM CT 4

10:30AM CT 5

10:30AM CT 6

10:30AM CT 7

10:30AM Ct 8

10:30AM CT 9



1PM Ct 1 North tartan 7th vs Minn Fury 2025

1PM Ct 2 Birch Lake vs 43 Hoops

1PM Ct 3 Minn Stars Crossfire vs Mille Lacs Lake

1PM Ct 4 43 Hoops Bugg vs Lake Washington

1PM Ct 5 Bad News vs CiCi Christmas

1PM Ct 6 North Tartan 6th vs NW Elite

1PM Ct 7 Crossfire South vs 2024 Playmakers

1PM Ct 8 Hoops Elite John vs Cal Stars

1PM Ct 9 Vaughn Metro Stars vs Lacs Lake

1PM Ct 10 Crossfire Novak vs 43 Hoops Bell