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FL State Championships

Florida AAU State Championships  will be taking place July 18-19 in Orlando, FL. Games will be live streamed here. If you would like a download copy of games or would like an individual player highlight please email us

For technical issues contact

If video workers begin to miss the action repeatedly and talk throughout the game please text 510.375.3496 with the team name/court.

Click here to watch.

July 19th Schedule

8AM Ct 1 Miami Suns Fowles vs BC Elite

8AM Ct 2 ECU Clarke vs ECU Teosha

8AM Ct 3 Hoop Dreams 2022 vs NSL KK Wright

8AM Ct 4 Essence TipHayes vs Miami Suns South

8AM Ct 5 Manatee PAL vs SR 2024

8AM Ct 6 Junior Pros vs Triple Threat

8AM CT 7 ECU Caswell vs Queens

8AM CT 8 Blue Heat vs South Orlando Jags

8AM Ct 9 Essence Black vs Nona Comets

9:30AM Ct 1 Queens vs Triple Threat

9:30AM Ct 2 Hoop Dreams 2023 vs First Coast

9:30AM Ct 3 ECU Taylor vs First Coast

9:30AM Ct 5 Orlando Future Starz 2025 vs Team Impact

9:30AM Ct 6 Hoop Dreams vs Blue Heat

9:30AM Ct 7 Queens vs NSL Gaati

9:30AM CT 8 Hoop Dreams vs SR 2023

9:30AM CT 9 First Coast vs ECU Sparkes

11AM Ct 1 B1 vs B2

11AM Ct 2 D 1st vs E 2nd

11AM Ct 3 B3 vs B4

11AM Ct 4 Miami Suns White vs Legacy

11AM Ct 5 E 1st vs D 2nd

11AM Ct 7 Grindhouse vs St Pete

11AM Ct 8 Blue Heat vs SR 2026

11AM Ct 9 First Coast vs Queens

12:30PM Ct 1 B4B vs Space Coast 5th

12:30PM Ct 2 B1 vs Essence Wheeler Silver

12:30PM Ct 3 B2 vs ECU Clarke

12:30PM Ct 4 1st Place vs 2nd Place

12:30PM Ct 5 B2 vs B4B

12:30PM Ct 6 1st Place vs 2nd Place

12:30PM CT 7 B1 vs Essence D2

12:30PM Ct 8 FL Phoenix vs NSL Hayden D2

12:30PM Ct 9 Oakleaf vs B8

2PM Ct 1 B5 vs B 6

2PM Ct 3 B1 vs B2

2PM Ct 4 B6 vs B7

2PM Ct 6 B2 vs Team Marino

2PM Ct 9 B1 vs FLH Lakisha

3:30PM Ct 1 Florida Huskies vs B1

3:30PM Ct 2 B3 vs B4

3:30PM Ct 4 B3 vs B4

3:30PM CT 5 B3 vs B4

3:30PM Ct 6 B1 vs B2

3:30PM Ct 8 B10 vs B9


July 18th Schedule

8AM CST Ct 1 Grindhouse vs ECU Clarke

8AM CST Ct 2 Orlando Future 2025 vs First Coast

8AM CST Ct 3 Team Marino vs SR 2026

8AM CST Ct 4 Hoop Dreams vs ECU Sparkes

8AM CST Ct 5 B4B vs SR 2023

8AM CST Ct 6 First Coast vs Essence Wheeler Silver

8AM CST Ct 7 Essence Black vs Hoop Dreams 2022

8AM CST Ct 8 Blue Heat vs Queens

8AM CST Ct 9  Space Coast 5th vs B4B

9:30AM CST Ct 1 Nona Comets vs NSL Hayden D2

9:30AM CST Ct 2 St. Pete vs Hoop Dreams 2023

9:30AM CST Ct 3 Triple Threat vs Miami Suns White

9:30AM CST Ct 4 Miami Suns South vs ECU Clarke

9:30AM CST Ct 5 Oakleaf Warriors vs Miami Suns Fowles

9:30AM CST Ct 6 Manatee PAL Thunder vs Junior Pros

9:30AM CST Ct 7 Essence TipHayes Purple vs Florida Phoenix

9:30AM CST Ct 8 Team Impact vs ECU Taylor

9:30AM CST Ct 9 Queens vs Blue Heat

11AM CST Ct 1 Triple Threat vs SR 2024

11AM CST Ct 2 First Coast vs B4B

11AM CST 3 Blue Heat vs ECU Caswell

11AM CST Ct 4 Hoop Dreams 2022 vs BC Elite

11AM CST Ct 5 Essence D2 vs Hoop Dreams

11AM CST Ct 6 Legacy vs First Coast

11AM CST Ct 7 Queens vs South Orlando Jags

11AM CST Ct 8 SR 2026 vs First Coast

11AM CST Ct 9 Florida Huskies vs Space Coast 5th

12:30PM CST Ct 1 Hoop Dreams vs Queens

12:30PM CST Ct 2 Nona Comets vs ECU Clarke

12:30PM CST Ct 3 Hoop Dreams 2023 vs Triple Threat

12:30PM CST Ct 4 St Pete vs Miami Suns White

12:30PM CST Ct 5 NSL Wright vs Oakleaf Warriors

12:30PM CST CT 6 Queens vs Grindhouse

12:30PM CST Ct 7 ECU Teosha vs Essence TipHayes Purple

12:30PM CST Ct 8 NSL Gaati vs Blue Heat

12:30PM CST Ct 9 FLH Laskisha vs Queens

2PM CST Ct 1 South Orlando vs ECU Caswell

2PM CST CT 2 Manatee PAL Thunder vs Triple Threat

2PM CST Ct 3 First Coast vs Team Marino

2PM CST Ct 4 Blue Heat vs Queens

2PM CST Ct 5 SR 2023 vs First Coast

2PM CST Ct 6 Essence Wheeler Silver vs Legacy

2PM CST Ct 7 NSL Hayden D2 vs Miami Suns South

2PM CST Ct 8 Orlando Future 2025 vs ECU Taylor

2PM CST Ct 9 B4B vs Florida Huskies

3:30PM CST Ct 1 ECU Sparkes vs Essence D2

3:30PM CST Ct 2 BC Elite vs Essence Black

3:30PM CST Ct 3 Florida Phoenix vs ECU Teosha

3:30PM CST Ct 4 First Coast vs Team Impact

3:30PM CST Ct 5 Miami Suns Fowles vs NSL Wright

3:30PM CST Ct 6 ECU Clarke vs Queens

3:30PM CST Ct 7 SR 2024 vs Junior Pros

3:30PM CST Ct 8 Hoop Dreams vs NSL Gaati

3:30PM CST Ct 9 Blue Heat vs FLH Lakisha