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Power5BBall Middle School Recap

By PassThaBall, 10/24/18, 6:00PM PDT


Power5BBall put on on their yearly Individual Showcase that had some good middle school talent throughout Tennessee. NEB Media, P.A.S.S, and PTB were there to scout and evaluate the players. The Standouts from this event were:

Nori Jamison 2026- Good court vision and handles the ball well.

Mallory Collier 2023- Great size and hands.

Cleo Johnson 2024- Tough, plays with confidence, good skill set at the PG position.

Amaria Gillispie 2023- Strong physical player, good hands hands, needs to continue to work on footwork.

Jaloni Cambridge 2024- Athletic, very advanced, can get to the basket, make the extra pass, and plays both ends of the floor.

Tonie Davis 2023- Strong/physical player that attacks the basket and step out to shoot from outside.

Jailyn Banks 2023- Uptempo player that can get to the basket, make good passes, even picks up on defense. Has a lot of potential.

Maddie Byyrd 2023- Great leadership qualities, talks, moves without the ball, finisher her shot. Hustle kid.

Adison Howard 2025- Handles the ball well, nice jumper, and see's the floor. Made some good passes and decisions with the ball.

Makyah Thomas-Malone 2023- Uptempo player with great energy, leadership qualities, talks on the court, athletic and makes good passes.

Danica Stovall 2024- Tough player, plays hard, can finish at the rim, and handles the ball well.

Addison Melton 2024- Good size, good timing on the ball, block shots, finish around the basket, and handles the ball well.

Kristen VanVranken 2024- Good handles and makes good passes, smart player that makes good decisions with the ball.

Cedee Griffith 2024- Played the passing lanes, active hands, finishes at the rim, needs to continue working on quickness and shooting.

Edin Oates 2024- Handles the ball well, displayed a solid shot from outside. Needs to be more aggressive on both ends, but played hard.

Finley Dennis 2023- Good size, strong player, attacks the basket, can step out to shoot it from outside. Hustle player that's active around the basket.