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Top Plays, All American Camp

By PassThaBall, 08/04/18, 12:30PM PDT


Top Plays from our All American Game in Dallas, TX. Love the talent that we had on display, these young middle school girls definitely competed. So much D1 potential in the building it was great to see.  Click here for picture gallery.

Jenica Raine Lewis 2026- So far advanced for her age, great court vision, makes passes seem easy that you wouldn't think were there.

Sarah Brans 2022- Great communicator, leader of the bunch, has a versatile inside outside game. Has good size, good hands, very coach-able player.

Nia Anderson 2023- Crafty player that can get to the basket, nice handles, good court vision. A competitor that loves the game and really holds down the point guard position.

Amaya Bonner 2022- Athletic guard that continues to improve. Can get to the basket with a quick first step, strong, can finish at the basket with contact,  and shoots it well.

Madison Cockrell 2022- Busy body, extremely active, uptempo point guard that takes care of business on both ends of the floor.  She's quick, athletic, strong, and physical, its hard to out muscle her and outwork her.

Jordyn Marshall 2022- A smooth point guard that can handle the ball, has a nice assist game, athletic, would like to see her be a little more selfish on the offensive end. She has the tools heading to high school.

Jazzy Owens Barnett 2022- If you don't pick her up on defense she is to the basket, has a nice outside shot as well, will pick up full court defense and pressure you. Very physical and athletic player and brings a lot of energy on the court.

Jayden Rhodes 2022- Good size and length, runs the floor, works hard, coach-able player. Needs to continue to get stronger and work on foot work down low. Played well, went up strong and grabbed rebounds, she was active around the basket.

Hallie Rhodes 2022- More so the guard/forward, also has good size and length, runs the floor well, can handle the ball a little bit. Plays hard, physical, needs to continue to work on mid-range outside shot, but has a good skill set.

Alisa Williams 2022- Runs the floor well, has good foot work, and plays hard. Able to get steals and deflections because of her length.  She is athletic and push the ball up the floor. Has a lot of potential heading to high school.

Kiersten Johnson 2022- Versatile six footer that can step out to shoot it. Can push the ball up the floor if need be, good hands, very good size, able to block shots and grab rebounds. Needs to continue to get stronger but has so much potential moving forward.

Breanna Davis 2022- Has the tools, crafty, shares the ball, nice handles, strong, aggressive, and can get to the basket. The only thing she would need to continue to work on is mid-range and outside shot. Everything else she is very good at, look out for this one.

Kailee Deffebaugh 2022- Very active player, uptempo, aggressive, plays hard, physical around the basket. She attacks the basket strong, runs the floor, competes at a high level. Athletic and has great energy. Could possibly be a guard/forward headed to high school, would like to see more of her mid-range/outside shot.

Addy McLeod 2023- Competitor, a three point specialist with range, plays hard with confidence, even if her shot is not falling she will keep shooting. Smart with the ball, needs to continue to get stronger, she loves the game and will continue to work hard.

Durbin Thomas 2023- Makes good passes, an assist first point guard and will play hard all game, doesn't back down from a challenge, she's confident at the point guard position.

Savannah Orgeron 2023- Runs the floor well, has good size, finishes around the basket, nice footwork down low. Needs to continue to get stronger and that will come as she gets older. Played well and did a good job on both ends of the floor.

Breona Hurd 2024- A dominate player in the making, has great size, good footwork, strong, physical player, active on the boards, she goes to work around the paint, and can bring the ball up the court. She has the skill set, just needs to work on the mental part of the game and not get frustrated.  She does her job on both ends of the floor.

Kaylie Edge 2022- Has a nice mid-range and outside shot. Will take the opportunity to score if its open. Handles the ball well and pushes the tempo, good court vision, and a strong player with good size at the guard position.

Nya Threatt 2022- Crafty point guard, shoots it well, nice moves to the basket, plays the passing lanes, very good court vision. When she is in attack mode, she is tough to guard. Should do very well heading to high school.

Laney Humble 2023- High I.Q, smart point guard that competes. She will find a way to get to the basket when the defense is slacking, nice outside shot, makes good passes, good court vision, and she plays hard.

Jenika Zurita 2022- Nice athletic guard that runs the floor, makes good passes to the open teammate, plays the passing lanes, brings good energy and uptempo style play on the court. Would like to see more of her mid-range/outside shooting but plays hard.

Madison Lopez 2022- Plays hard, active on both ends of the floor, nice handles, crafty, needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end. Has the confidence, just needs to attack more.

Mia Xerras 2023- She is a competitor that shows up to play. Very smooth point guard, makes smart decisions with the ball, rarely forces a bad play, advanced for her age. Can shoot it, get to the basket and finish, and has very good court vision. She has the skill set.

Amiya Carroll 2022- Good size guard that can handle the ball, attacks the basket and can finish at the rim. Not afraid of contact, plays physical and aggressive. Needs to continue to work on mid-range/outside shot.