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2nd Annual "Last Run"

By Ty Postell, 12/17/23, 10:15AM PST


This years edition of the "Last Run" Individual Showcase was held in Jersey City, New jersey at The Phillip Moore Athletic Center on the campus of the women's D3 powerhouse NJCU. Thanks to Athletic Director, Jeff Jordan for the hospitality. 

The event consisted of a skills & drills session, media training and competitive games. The skills session offered players the opportunity to refine their skills through various drills specific to ball handling, shooting, 2/3 player concepts and finishing moves in four 15 minute interval rotation. The stations were facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable clinicians, the likes of Laurin Mincy (former WNBA draft pick 15', Unlimited athletes, overseas Pro, Elite trainer) , Audrey Taylor (formerly Franklin HS HC, NJ Gemz -EYBL), Michelle Sharp (Former collegiate coach, Dir. Team Sharp), Caitlin Roche ( Former D1 player, CEO Roche Basketball, Exodus-EYBL, IHA) and Coach Ahmod (Sh3 Elite, Team Mid Atlantic) They executed masterfully with the flow of drills, teaching points and their engagement with players were second to none.  

Newly added, was an exciting and informative off court session. Our goal is to service the complete player and create an experience that extends beyond the basketball court. We welcomed ESPN, NBC broadcaster/color analyst Isis Young / Your World Media to the "Last Run" to facilitate the session. The exposure to media training is valuable asset and the goal was to supply players with the necessary skills to steer the spotlight, manage interviews along with keys to building their personal brand. In addition, Isis shared NIL tips along with a plethora of information that both the players and parents can utilize as they continue to navigate through the process.

The final tier of the event was competitive gameplay with four teams playing 3 games each culminating in a All Star game with 20 players selected by our team of HS coaches and evaluators.

With well respected media, scouts/evaluators in attendance maximizing the exposure opportunity as PassThaBall Media, MCDAAG / USA Basketball / Naismith committee member Kenneth "KP" Pannell, Who'sNXT? All American committee, Vantage Point, NYG Hoops, NJ Ladies Hoops and Sh3GotGame.  The "Visual Technician" SheShotdat was in the building capturing all of the moments to enhance the exposure.   



Isis Young = Your World Media

Isis Young of Your World Media presentation was extremely informative and interactive. Her passion was evident as she communicated with both the prospects and parents throughout the event. Her approach to teaching was open, honest and observant as she answered questions, engaged and captivated her audience. The level of attentiveness displayed from the video presentation and throughout the active peer mock interview portion was a sight to see.

The goal with planning each event is to always think out the box and find innovative ways to service our athletes and parents. Your World Media helped us reach that goal with tier one execution of the media presentation. 

26' Gigi Battle

25' Janaya Myers

24' Te'yala Delfosse


24' Te'yala Delfosse / Ewing HS

The Univ. of Michigan commit has all the tools that will translate to the next level. Slender framed wing with length, elite athleticism and high motor. A three level scorer, she finished everything around the rim, solid in the midrange and a menace on the boards. She didn't search out the long ball but was efficient when she did so. A very active defender which could be her calling card as a freshman in the B1G conference.

25' Janaya Meyers / Bayonne HS

A standout from last year, she wasted no time getting to it. Returned with improvement in pace, vision and shot selection. Athletic strong guard that excels in transition, a streaky shooter with the ability to get to the nail and create for others. No doubt she'll have her Bayonne team in the hunt for a repeat as Hudson County Champions.   

25' Nilah Rivera / IC Montclair

A spark of energy and effort she simply gets things done. The PG's quickness was hard to contain as she probed the lanes getting to her floater and making solid decision on the dime. Her instincts on defense set her apart, she sped guards up and picked up 94 ft. Also a effective rebounder from guard spot despite her height, with her anticipation and ability to read the ball of the rim.  The recent to IC Montclair will have immediate impact.  

26' Stella Lockhart / St. John Vianney 

Her size, mobility and skill set screamed P5 potential as the rising sophomore showed no hesitation with the ball in her hand. Displayed increased confidence on the perimeter and played PNR at a high level, whether it was getting to a midrange pull up or splashing from range off under reads. A physical rebounder and solid finisher around the rim. St. John Vianney is back in the conversation with this new transfer who already boast multiple Division 1 offers.  

26' GiGi Battle / Rutgers Prep 

Athleticism, strength and focus is different with the prospect. From the dynamic stretch to each skill station, she was mentally locked in, executing everything at game speed which was impressive. A slashing wing with scorers mentality, elite agility and quick first step created driving lines at a will. Showed solid change of direction, getting to her spots with elevation and form in the midrange.  With offers from the SEC, ACC, B1G10 conference and more she is already considered one of the top sophomores in NJ by in state writers.  

27' Aleah Snead / Franklin HS

Freshman has the potential to be a high level recruit when its all said and done. She plays with poise and control on both ends, although one of the younger participants she did not take a backseat. She was aggressive offensively off the catch, displaying her inside out ability with a soft touch 10-12 feet out and ability to slash and finish through contact with either hand. She was physical on the boards and started the break off the bounce or with pin point  outlets. She may be the new corner stone of Franklin HS over the next few year.  

27' Kayden McDaniels - Gleneig School

The PG from the DMV came up to  and put on a shot making exhibition, dubbing her "shot ready" as she hit from well beyond the college line with ease. Quick with the ball in hand and vision to match, making pinpoint lead passes in stride and into shooters pockets of the attack and kick. Look forward to watching her perform as a HS Freshman at Glenelg School in Maryland. One to Watch 



In any system on any level, a shooter is needed and a key component to a teams offensive philosophies. These kids showed the ability stretch the floor with accuracy throughout the skills and gameplay sessions. 

25' Gianna Chuffo - St. Thomas Aquinas

25' Julia Valente - IHA

26' Madison Kocis - St. John Vianney

26' Stella Lockhart - St. John Vianney

27' Anastasia Bonfante -  Morris Catholic

27' Kayden Mcdaniel - Glenelg Country School 

27' Zoe Wasserlauf - Tenafly HS

Lock Up

 A skill that no coach can deny, is the ability to effect the game on the defensive end. These kids were active, disruptive and showed the potential to change the game from defensive aspect. 

24' Te' yala Delfosuse - Ewing HS

25' Camille Willey - IC Montclair

25' Gisselle Davis - Bayonne HS 

26' Ahari Emuze - Woodlands HS

26' Nilah Rivera - IC Montclair

26' Lena Most - IC Montclair

27' Mary Ganim - Hamden Hall

27' Asley LaBeach - Morris Catholic

Game changers

These prospects showed the ability to effect the game in multiple ways, stat stuffers that simply get it done. These players are very willing to sacrifice a bit of there game to make the right play, very selfless approach to the game. 

24' Te' Yala Delfosse - Ewing HS

25' Nila Giraud - IC Montaclair

26' Lexi Carnegie - Teaneck HS 

26' Kayla Navaro - Rutgers Prep

26' Kelly LaMonica - Rutgers Prep 

27' Aleah Sneed - Franklin HS 

27' Mikaiya Beasly - Albertus Magnus HS