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GUAA Finals 2023: Over a strong field, FBC dominates yet again

By Bob Corwin, 08/03/23, 4:15PM PDT


Zamareya Jones (#3) and Jaloni Cambridge (#22) of FBC United GUAA 2024

Presented by Select Events Basketball and sponsored by Under Armour at Spooky Nook Champion Mill in Hamilton, Ohio, from July 21-24, 2023, the Girls Under Armour Association (referred to as GUAA) Finals took place in three divisions (2024, 2025 and 2026 loosely 17U, 16U and 15U of Adidas and NIKE’s EYBL) of 32 teams each (96 total).  In conjunction with this event, Select Events Basketball also held The Finale which was an open event of 230 teams in divisions stretching from 2024/11th grade down to 2029/6thgrade.  College attendance (from all levels combined) was 371 schools with 498 coaches through the next to last day of the event.   One could tell the level of talent present on any one court by the colleges represented on coaches’ row.  On the morning of July 21, I attended War Games 28.5 Northeast Ohio (a satellite event at nearby Hamilton High School) presented by First Step Basketball Academy.  While there were only two courts of action present, the talent was rich with FBC, West Virginia Thunder and WPA Bruins teams being featured.  All of these teams then played the following three days at nearby Spooky Nook Champion Mill. 

Internet service poor at Spooky Nook Champion Mill

Before proceeding with basketball, I must register one complaint from parents and coaches present at Spooky Nook.  The design of the building largely blocks outside internet service and you are instructed to use the internet provided without charge by Spooky Nook.  The only problem is that for most people it barely works if at all.  With events now almost exclusively putting game schedules and results on smart phone apps, internet access is more important than ever when attending these large events.  What I did to overcome the issue was plan out my day before coming to the facility (vast with 28 courts).  Of course, one can go outside (where internet service is available) and miss game action. I do hope those in charge will address this issue at the facility.

FBC dominates winning 2024 and 2025 divisions

At last count FBC (stands for Finest Basketball Club) had 86 teams around the USA under the FBC umbrella with the main operation headquartered in Atlanta.  In the GUAA, FBC had three teams (nine total) in each of the three divisions.  Including this year, FBC has won five divisional titles (17U – 3, 16U – 1, 15U – 1) since 2017.   Unlike NIKE’s EYBL, a few clubs have more than one team in an age group division.  In fact, FBC had a third solid team (FBC United Legacy 17U GUAA) in the 2024 Division.

2024 Division Final

FBC United GUAA 2024 68-54 Supreme Team GUAA 2024

This contest between two FBC teams was not what the final score indicated with Supreme team up through half.  In half two, fortunes were reversed largely by a United zone which Supreme Team struggled to score against.  Standout players from both teams are discussed below.     

2025 Division Final

FBC United The Family GUAA 2025 54-46 Texas U 16U GUAA 2025

The Family (with no 2025 players) controlled this one from start to finish although Texas U kept matters competitive.

2026 Division Final

Northwest Blazers White 15U GUAA 2026 48-44 Mavs Elite Durham – GUAA 2026

This was close all the way.  Finlay Parcher (see below) scored her team’s last five points to garner the Blazer’s first GUAA divisional title.       

Below a relative few of the many standouts of the events in Hamilton, Ohio, are briefly discussed.  Most of the uncommitted players will be recruited at the Power 5 level or close to it.

Players below are listed alphabetically within class with height, position and club team with hometown in parenthesis.  


Jaloni Cambridge, 5-6, point guard, FBC United GUAA 2024 (Nashville, Tennessee)

Cambridge showed why she is considered by many top five in her class as she scored and made others around her better as her team won the 2024 Division. 

Teagan Colvin, 5-7, point guard, Northwest Blazers Orange 17U GUAA 2024 (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

Committed to UNLV, Colvin can hit the three but prefers to attack the rim in daring fashion willing to dish off along the way.  

Indya Davis, 5-10, shooting guard, and Summer Davis, 5-9, point guard, Michigan Storm 2024 – UAA (Farmington Hills, Michigan) 

The Davis twins will likely go as a package as they complement each other well combining good quickness and scoring ability. Their efforts helped the Storm to finish fourth in the 2024 Division.  

Ellison Guiney, 5-10, shooting guard, Arizona Elite 2024 Black – GUAA (Goodyear, Arizona)

A UNLV recruit, no one can deny this player can shoot the three off the catch posting six in one half.

Jillian Jekot, 6-0, shooting guard, Comets (Philadelphia) 2024 – Gelone – GUAA (Enola, Pennsylvania)

A Penn State commit, the fourth of the D1 Jekot sisters, Jillian looked like a future Power 5 player scoring on the perimeter inside and beyond the arc moving well without the ball. 

Zamareya Jones, 5-8, guard, FBC United GUAA 2024 (Greenville, North Carolina)

Jones showed productive quickness on D and high energy on offense whether scoring (mostly more than her part) or not. 

Olivia Olson, 6-1, shooting guard, Minnesota Fury 2024 UAA (New Hope, Minnesota)

Committed to Michigan, Olson is about as skilled as it gets (short of dunking) on offense.  Average athletically by Power 5 standards, how well she can compensate for that may well determine how successful she is at the next level.

Alonna Poole, 5-11, small forward, FBC United Select GUAA 2024 (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Above average athletically, Poole displayed all-around skills showing perimeter stroke as well as a willingness to attack the glass and block shots on defense.

Alayna Rocco, 5-11, shooting guard, WPA Bruins 17U UAA (Export, Pennsylvania)

Committed to Harvard, Rocco shows the high basketball IQ you might expect in an Ivy League player.  She displayed a nice stroke off the catch or the bounce along with good court vision. 

Breanna Williams, 6-2, power forward, Northwest Blazers Orange 17U GUAA 2024 (Billings, Montana)

Committed to Maryland, Williams (muscular in build) rebounds well and showed she can hit the three or face-up at mid-range. 

Chazadi (Chit Chat) Wright, 5-5, point guard, Supreme Team GUAA 2024 (Decatur, Georgia)

Committed to Georgia Tech, Wright showed she can hit timely threes but also defer to other scorers on the team which finished second in the 2024 Division.


Darriana Alexander, 6-1, small forward, West Virginia Thunder 17U UAA Johnson (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Athleticism combined versatility (score, pass, rebound, defend) is the key to Alexander’s game with some of her contributions not necessarily showing up in box scores.  This combined with superior height make her one of the top prospects in her class. 

Kaelyn Carroll, 6-3, forward, Bay State Jaguars 2024 National Under Armour (Marion, Massachusetts)

Carroll runs adequately and showed she can score at the block, facing up at mid-range or shooting the three.  

Jasmine Davidson, 6-2, shooting guard, Northwest Select GUAA 2024 (Clackamas, Oregon)

This lean, light-footed lefty is considered by many the best perimeter scorer in her class attacking the rim or shooting (in and beyond the arc) from the perimeter (capable of putting up 30 points in a game).

Kelis Fisher, 5-9, guard, Team Thrill 17U (Baltimore, Maryland)

Committed to Connecticut, Fisher is an athletic player who can attack the rim and shoot from the perimeter. At her best, she is near the top of prospects in her class but sustaining this high level of performance game in and game out has been the challenge for this talented player.  

Holland Harris, 6-1, small forward, FGB 2024 GUAA (Orlando, Florida)

Harris showed the ability to attack the basket from the wing to baseline area as well as shooting from the perimeter.

Jordan Ode, 5-11, shooting guard, Minnesota Fury 2025 UAA (Plymouth, Minnesota)

Ode showed good production shooting off the catch, moving well without the ball and demonstrated a nice spin move to get to the rim. 

Ella Todd, 6-0, wing, Wolverinas (Inverness, Illinois)

Todd is a strong driver able to attack going left or right.  She can hit the three but that is not her primary scoring option. 

Natalie Wetzel, 6-3, power forward, WPA Bruins 16U GUAA (McMurray, Pennsylvania)

Wetzel appears not to have fully grown into her body but shows good mobility in conjunction with developing face-up, drive and post up skills. 

Zaniah Zellous, 6-2, power forward, West Virginia Thunder 16U UAA Mosley (Charleston, West Virginia)

Zellous is an athletic rebounder (playing with good energy) whose game is still developing. 


Jacy Abii, 6-1, forward, Texas U 16U GUAA 2025 (Plano, Texas)

Strongly built, Abii can score in the paint and rebound with the best of them. Her efforts helped her team finish second in the 2025 Division.

Meeyah Green, 5-9, guard, FBC United The Family GUAA 2025 (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Green helped make others around her better as well as scoring her share of points in helping her team win the 2025 Division.

Gabrieal Minus, 6-1, forward, Team Curry 2024 GUAA (Kathleen, Georgia)

Minus is a physical athletic lefty who plays hard looking to attack the basket on offense but gets after the opposition on defense.

Shamira Morton, 6-2, center, Mavs Elite Durham – GUAA 2026 (Canton, Mississippi)

A strongly built low post, Morton impressed scoring near the rim in helping her team finish second in the 2026 Division.


Brookeslee Colvin, 5-8, point guard, Northwest Blazers Grey 16U GUAA 2025 (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

Sister of Teagan (above), Brookeslee is a strongly built, control lead guard who can shoot the three. Her efforts helped her team finish third in the 2025 Division.

Amirah Jordan, 5-6, point guard, West Virginia Thunder 17U Riego (Louisville, Kentucky)

Not yet filled out and playing up three grades, Jordan showed advanced IQ, strong handles as well as above average speed and quickness.  

Eve Long, 6-3, post, KS-Eclipse 17 BSTL (Olathe, Kansas)

Long is lanky lefty who is a quick off her feet and runs well scoring near the rim.  Upside is very high with body and game not yet filled out.

Sydney Mobley, 6-2, power forward, West Virginia Thunder 15U UAA Johnson (Delaware, Ohio)

Strongly built, Mobley runs well and can attack the rim having a Power 5 upside.  

Finley Parcher, 6-0, small forward, Northwest Blazers White 15U GUAA 2026 (Lynden, Washington)

Strongly built, she can hit the three and get to the rim. 

Giaunni Rogers, 5-8, shooting guard, FBC United Youngunz 15U GUAA (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Above average athletically, Rogers showed the ability to score at mid-range and behind the arc while helping her team finish fourth in the 2026 Division.

Jordan Speller, 5-6, guard, FBC United The Family GUAA 2025 (Greenville, North Carolina)

A quick lefty with flashy handles, Speller showed an ability to get to the rim or pull-up at mid-range.