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Straight Smoke Tennessee Recap 2022

By PassThaBall, 09/27/22, 2:45PM PDT


The Straight Smoke Individual Showcase took place in Nashville, Tennessee on September 25th. Multiple Baden All American Committee Members were in attendance, as well as other scouts and media members. The camp brought together top prospects from elementary, middle school and high school from around the Southern region. Below are evaluations from each player in attendance.

Middle School

2028 5’9 PG Layla Hall - Athletic PG that can play either guard position. Down hill scorer, high energy play, attacks the rim well. Possesses advanced body control finishing in the paint.

2028 5’7 PG Trinity Bankston - High IQ for her age, pushes the ball in transition to score or find open teammates. Displayed strong catch and shoot ability.

2029 Kaleighn Richardson 5'4 G Agressive on the offensive end, when she was open she took the opportunity to score, plays the passing lanes, active on the defensive end, grabbed rebounds. Made some good passes to the open teammate. Needs to continue to tighten up the ball handling and outside shooting.

2027 5’2 PG Tayla Stovall - Attacks the paint with pure aggression, strong on ball defender and great competitor on both sides of the ball. 

2027 5’3 G Liana Reyes - Big time shooter! Got hot from three multiple times, scorching the net from deep. Solid handle and confident player all around.

2027 5’4 G Arrianna Llanes - Great leadership abilities as an 8th grader, high energy player, strong finishes in the paint and a tough on ball defender.

2027 5’4 Nautica Tomlin - Made her biggest impact at camp on the defensive side of the ball. Plays strong on ball defense and hustles on the floor. Also a capable driver to the hoop.

2027 5’4 G Azyua Blair - Good defender and competitor, displays ability to score from midrange, three line, or driving to the paint with her tight handle.

2028 G Briley Anderson - All around athlete that competes on the ball and makes her man work. Strong scorer in transition.

2027 G Gaby Bradley - Has good size, love her hustle on defense, doesn't quit on the play, runs the floor, plays hard. Needs to continue to tighten up the ball handling and outside shooting.

2028 5’5 G Naomi Crawley - Pushes the ball well in transition, sets teammates up to score well. Capable scorer in the open floor as well.

2029 5’6 G Chanel Spencer - One of the younger participants at camp, but shows good confidence for age. Aggressive player and has a nice floater in the paint.

2028 6’0 SF Ella Watts - The camp’s top prospect according to scouts in attendance. Strong frame, three level scorer, big guard that dominated the boards as well. 

2029 G Nevaeh Mosley - Shows little fear playing up against older girls. Confidence is growing, handles the ball well, makes plays off the bounce.

2027 G Carrington Jackson - Her impact was on display with her hustle. Rebounds, goes after loose balls and rebounds strongly. Pushes the ball in transition and plays with good tempo.

2027 5’6 G Kimora Lyons - Strong performer in the middle school division, moves well without ball in hands, attacks the glass for boards, attacks paint and scores.

2028 G Rileigh Miller - Shooter with length and more room for growth. Solid handle and ability to make plays off the bounce.

2024 5’4 PG Ava Zenner - Quality shooter, solid defender, plays with bounce and tempo. Attacks the basket and makes plays.

2029 5’6 G Sophie Konrad - High energy player, brings effort on defensive side of ball, moves well without the ball.

2027 G Naleiya Walker - Finds ways to get to the rim, workhorse on both sides of the ball, quick release on three ball.

2027 5’8 PG Derryn Goode - Good athlete, shot blocking guard, quality shooter from all levels as well.

2029 5’0 PG Margaet Watson - Super quick guard, attacks the paint and finishes well with the floater.

2028 5’8 G Chloe Fortner - Some standout moments scoring in transition for an and-one. Moves well without the ball. Skilled, young prospect.

2028 5’6 G Valencia Hailey - Tenacious rebounder, shot blocker and strong defender. Also shows an above average offensive skill set.

2028 5’8 SG Ryleigh Mullen - Great leadership qualities, vocal in drills and during games. Strong rebounder and can score in the paint.

2028 5’11 PF Maklyni Bacon - Attacks the rim well, strong in the post, hits the mid-range jumper, great rebounder. D1 prospect to track.

2029 4’10 G Mayani Owens - Quick guard with tight handles, strong attack to the paint, young playmaker. 

2028 5’1 PG Kamora Moore - Shot ready at all times, super playmaker off the bounce, lethal handle. Strong floater game, as her shot off the bounce improves accuracy, she can make a name for herself nationally with continued growth. 

High School

2024 6’1 C Abby Harris - Nice touch around the rim, motor keeps running, strong rebounder cleaning up the glass. Solid post prospect to watch.

2024 6’0 SG Alonna Poole - Smooth, long guard prospect with a skillful game. Finishes with either hand, draws contact and scores. Division 1 prospect with more untapped potential.

2025 5’9 SF Alexis Taylor - Smooth three point shooting stroke, strong finishes at the rim, good all around performance at camp.

2023 5’7 G Ne’Mya Bailey - Playmaker for her teammates, cuts well without the ball catching her defender off guard. Finishes in the paint.

2026 6’0 F Khloe Bradley - Lefty, long athletic forward, great rebounder. Prospect to continue to track over time as a solid college prospect.

2024 5’7 G Tionna Davis - Long, fast and aggressive guard prospect. Makes plays on both sides of the ball.

2024 5’9 SG Izzy McPherson - Long guard, all around skilled prospect, fits within team concept. Solid shooter and versatile defender.

2024 5’8 G Raegan Starks - All around offensive threat. Three level scorer, handles the ball well and makes plays as a scorer.

2024 5’7 G Tamora Brown - Strong drives to the hoop, makes plays off the bounce and plays with good confidence.

2026 5’8 G Kennedy Thornton - Athletic defender, creative getting to the rim, also shows a midrange pullup jumper.

2024 5’4 G Anaya Mulholland - Great shooting stroke, workhorse on the boards and defensively. Solid 2-way player.

2026 G Evaiya Mitchell - Good athlete with speed, attacks the rim as downhill scorer. Aggressive looking for her own shot.

2026 5’8 PG MaKayla Westfield - Aggressive prospect, attacks the basket and makes plays. Good handle and confident floor general.

2023 5’4 PG Myah Sutton - The most seasoned performer of the camp displaying great basketball IQ. Crafty with ball in hands, good passer that sees the floor well. Also a capable outside shooter. 

2025 5’10 G Kaydence Wisniewsk - Tight handles, makes plays on defense, gets into the paint where she can find teammates or finish shots herself. 

2025 5’8 SF Kyla Mustapha - Good shooting stroke, threat from the three line. Fits within team concept but can also make plays for herself. 

2025 5’5 G Layken Dodd - Excels in catch and shoot situations, high basketball IQ player with ball in hands.

2024 5’7 G A’Niya Hill - Works hard on defense, strong rebounder, good catch and shoot player. Consistently knocks down shots.

2026 5’7 PG Lakelyn Grasty - Nifty around the rim, spot up shooter, keeps her head up on fast breaks and regularly finds open teammates.

2024 5’8 G Hallie Allen - One of the few prospects to take a charge at camp, hustle player, moves well without the ball, capable shooter.

2026 5’8 SF Ashley Rucker - Big guard, handles the ball well, smooth shot with touch, Solid performance all around for the freshman.

2025 5’6 PG Issie Hodge - Good ball handler, can also play off the ball, spot up shooter, high IQ point guard prospect.

2025 5’11 F Baylee Fortner - Active player without ball in hands, nice touch around the rim, good motor on both sides of the ball.

2024 5’2 PG Sanaa Bailey - Outstanding leadership, vocal on the floor, dog on defensive side of the ball, strong handle and finishing ability.