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C2C All-Camp Teams

By Nars Martinez, 08/21/22, 6:30PM PDT


Mason Asher C2C All-Camp Teams

The Coast 2 Coast National Eval Camp hosted by Nars Martinez was a great success with players from Washington, Oregon and Alaska competing in front of several college coaches and regional/national media scouts. Below is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team as viewed by national scout Mason Asher of Asher Scouting.

1st Team

Berlynn Carlson - 2025 - 6’2 W - Liberty HS (OR)

Carlson caught everyone’s attention very quickly in the gym as she was one of the best performers in the gym. Not only a first team member, I thought that she was likely the best performer at the camp.

Mikayla Johnson - 2023 - 6’1 G - Bartlett HS (AK)

Johnson is a very skilled guard who was able to have her way with whoever was in front of her. I thought that she did a very nice job in all facets of the camp.

Riley Sanz - 2024 - 5’8 G - Camas HS (WA)

Sanz won the 1-on-1 portion of the camp and showed some really nice skill with the ball in her hands. She continued getting whatever shot she wanted in the 5-on-5 games as she was one of the top performers in live action.

Isabella Harms - 2025 - 6’1 W - Willamette HS (OR)

Did a really nice job in skill work showing her overall ability but was one of the best defenders in live play. She consistently played at a strong level giving her a first team nod.

Cheyenne Hull - 2027 - 5’9 W - Middle School (WA)

Was one of the more intriguing middle school attendees and I thought that she outplayed multiple upperclassmen, despite being four years younger. Her dominance gave her a spot on the first team for the event.

2nd Team

Iha Kasam - 2025 - 5’8 PG - Redmond HS (WA)

Kasam was one of the standout shooters in the event and had the gym buzzing with how she was shooting it. I thought that she gave great effort all day long as well placing her on the second team.

Nisa Ellis - 2024 - 6’0 PF - Lake Stevens HS (WA)

Ellis was the first player off of my first team with how solid she was all afternoon long. Gave great effort on both ends of the floor and brought a physicality that many players could not match.

Naomi Hotchkiss - 2023 - 6’4 C - Puyallup HS (WA)

Hotchkiss is a long center who did a really nice job on both ends of the floor. Did a nice job in skill work as well showing off the entire package.

Samantha Coronado - 2023 - 5’5 PG - Summit HS (OR)

Was very good on the defensive end and was one of the best defenders in the building. She showed some offense as well as she was able to get to the rim and score as well as shoot.

Grace Richardson - 2025 - 5’9 PG - Peninsula HS (WA)

Is a young guard with a very high ceiling. I thought that she showed flashes of excellence all weekend long. Really smooth with the ball in her hands and was one of the top underclass performers.

3rd Team

Ava Smith - 2024 - 5’8 G - Union HS (WA)

Smith was a solid guard who commanded the ball at the event. I thought that she did a really nice job on both sides of the ball.

Amanda Pham - 2023 - 5’9 G - Decatur HS (WA)

Pham was a player who shot the ball extremely well at the camp. She showcased her skill in both the drills and 5-on-5 play.

Sydney Hani - 2023 - 6’1 F - Lake Washington HS (WA)

Hani caught my attention quickly as she was going through the skill work and impressing. She was able to show a lot in the 5-on-5 portion of the day as well.

Emerson Williams - 2025 - 5’10 W - Summit HS (OR)

Williams is a wing who brought high energy into the camp and left with high energy. I thought that she played with a really nice tempo as well.

Herbie Wright - 2027 - 5’8 PG - Middle School (WA)

Wright was an impressive middle schooler who did a good job at getting to the rim. Finished with skill and showed a ton of potential with her smoothness.