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C2C Showcase Teams 4-6

By Nars Martinez, 08/17/22, 10:30AM PDT


The Coast 2 Coast National Eval Camp hosted by Nars Martinez was a great success with players from Washington, Oregon and Alaska competing in front of several college coaches and regional/national media scouts. Below are individual player evals for each designated team from camp.  The following evaluations are provided by regional scouts, Colin Davenport and Kyle Randall. *Class of 2027 prospects are in middle school and listed with projected high school.


2027 5’5 PG Skylar Giacomi (Woodinville, WA)

  • Skylar competed hard against older competition. She made some nice plays at the rim in transition with one being the game-winner in a sudden-death situation. She also had some nice straight-line drives to the rim in the half court.

2025 5’6 SG Hailey Monte (Gladstone HS-OR)

  • Hailey was one of the best shooters at the C2C Showcase. Spot-up threat from 3 with extended range and confidence. She did a good job making herself available for kick-outs. She’s a strong driver going left and even prefers to finish at the rim with her left although she’s a right hand player. 

2027 5’7 F Isabelle Meki (Bonney Lake, WA)

  • Isabelle is a nice young talent. She has a lot of confidence in her game and is not bashful to shoot. She didn’t have the best shooting day but did a nice job getting to her spots. She has a solid handle and her mechanics were good on her shot.

2023 5’9 CG Amanda Pham (Decatur HS-WA)

  • Amanda was one of the best prospects at the showcase. She shot it well in station work and it translated right into live play. She can shoot the 3 off the catch and the dribble. She has a solid handle and did a good job staying poised under pressure. She got to the rim often and drew a lot of fouls. As the games went on, she began to show her playmaking ability; she had some high-level passes to teammates which led to buckets.

2024 6’2 C Maddy Weaver (Puyallup HS-WA)

  • Maddy was a standout post at the C2C Showcase. She was a monster on the boards and did it on both ends. She did a great job keeping the ball high on offensive boards and post dump-offs. She showed her strength and ability to finish through contact with multiple and-1 plays. Sets great screens for guards and is a roll threat in PNRs. She has good hands, and caught every pass. I was impressed with how vocal she was on the court. She was constantly talking on defense and directing players where to go on offense. 

2027 5’8 SF Teri Wiley (Port Townsend-WA)

  • Teri was solid all day. She didn’t stand out, but she didn’t look out of place either. She played hard and competed. She ran the floor hard in transition. She was active on the boards. She had some nice straight-line drives as well.

2024 5’8 SG Riley Sanz (Camas HS-WA)

  • Riley was one of the best offensive talents at the C2C Showcase. She was 1v1 champ and ended the game with a nasty setback jumper. When 5v5 started she continued her offensive dominance. She’s a volume scorer that scored at will. She did it from all three levels and in a variety of ways—off the dribble, off the catch, transition, PNR, ISO. Although she is wired to score, she also showcased her ability to pass the ball. If she continues to develop that along with tightening up her handle, she will be a major prospect in her class.


2025 5’9” SG Liliana Meissner (Issaquah HS-WA)

  • Meisner is a shooting guard with tremendous defensive ability. Regularly got in passing lanes disrupting opposing offenses possession after possession. Good finisher around the basket. Able to exploit angles to split defenders and get to the rim.

2023 SG Shea’ Deskins (Ballard HS-WA)

  • A shooting guard with the length to play the 3, Deskins stood out with her ability to rebound like a post and instantly push tempo like a guard. Plays well in transition especially on the offensive end. Deskins also possesses the footwork, speed and IQ to guard multiple positions. Something she did throughout the C2C showcase to great effect.

2024 5’8” SG Ava Smith (Union HS-WA)

  • Stand out shooter with great handles, Smith was a challenge for defenses to contain. Guard too close and she would blow by and use an array of moves to get past help defenses. Sag off and she was going to knock down her shot. Smith was also equally impressive on defense with fantastic footwork making it difficult for opposing guards to get past her.

2027 5’7” SG Priscilla Cseh (Sumner HS-WA)

  • Despite being a rising 8th grader, Cseh proved to be one of the best help defenders at the showcase. The lefty guard did the most damage on offense when facilitating give n go’s with her post players. She also made good cuts to the basket and was able to take and finish through contact.

2027 5’6” SG Kathryn Schroeder (Middle School-WA)

  • A great stop and pop shooter, Schroeder also has extensive range on her 3 point shot making her a challenge to guard. A heads-up guard who can push pace in transition, Schroeder will be a player to watch for years to come.

2027 5’5” PG Kate Reinkensmeyer (Skyline HS-WA)

  • Crafty guard who slices through traffic, Reinkensmeyer is an adept finisher at the basket. On the perimeter, her combination of good footwork and precise ball fakes keep defenders off balance. Definitely a point guard to keep an eye on as her career moves forward.

2025 5’10” SF Emerson Williams (Summit HS-OR)

  • A wing player with exceedingly deep range, Williams proved to be a tough matchup for opponents. Her length made it hard to contest her shot, while also allowing her to cause havoc on the defensive end. Add to it her ability to move without the ball and she kept opponents working every game.

2027 5’2” PG Ariah Meng (Sumner HS-WA)

  • Despite her age, Meng was one of the most impressive passers at the C2C showcase. Her passes were precise and often thrown with such power and speed defenders didn’t see them coming. Her intense and tireless play in defense was equally as impressive as was her ability to finish through contact agains touch larger players. She might be 5’2”, but Meng was able to impose her will on both ends of the floor. A player to watch for years to come.


2025 5’6 PG Kaydence Stratton (Skyview HS-WA)

  • Kaydance played well at the C2C Showcase. She didn’t force anything and stayed within her strengths. She hit some spot-up 3s and showed she can attack closeouts as a straight-line driver. 

2025 5’5 PG Kiley McMahon (Black Hills HS-WA)

  • Kiley is an attacking PG with a score-first mindset. She likes to shoot off the bounce but is a capable spot-up shooter from 3. She played well in transition and had some nice finishes running the floor. She isn’t afraid of contact at the rim either; got to the free throw line often.

2023 6’4 C Naomi Hotchkiss (Puyallup HS-WA)

  • Naomi had a solid day at the C2C Showcase. She didn’t dominate in live play but her impact was felt. Defensively she held down the paint. If she wasn’t getting a block she was altering the shot. She also moved her feet well when defending the PNR. Offensively, opponents were aggressive with help defense on her post catches forcing her to pass out a lot. Her offensive skillset was more evident in the 1v1 play. She did a good job getting to her spots in the paint from the perimeter. She showed good coordination and patience, as well as the ability to finish through contact with either hand. She has a high release on her hook shot and jump shot. In the shooting drills, she showed that she is a capable shooter out to 18ft. 

2026 5’7 SG Bernie Anderson (Holy Names HS-WA)

  • Bernie held her own at the C2C Showcase. She didn’t turn the ball over. She took good shots and never forced anything. She kept the ball moving offensively, and was a willing passer. 

2027 5’6 PG Athena Labow (Newport HS-WA)

  • Athena is a steady PG. She took care of the ball and handled the pressure well. She picked her spots to attack and score but mainly played the setup role for her team. She didn’t force shots but showed that she can hit the spot-up 3 and get to the paint for floaters or short pull-ups. She’s a PG prospect to put on the watchlist.

2024 5’4 PG Emily Randolph (Puyallup HS-WA)

  • Emily is a crafty PG that’s hard to stop going left. Even when defenders push her right, she’s crafty enough with her handle and finishing to find a way back to her left hand. She made some nice plays off the dribble creating space for a pull-up jumper, too.

2023 6’1 F Sydney Hani (Lake Washington HS-WA)

  • Sydney is a skilled forward with a versatile skillset. She doesn’t do one particular thing great, but she’s solid across the board and can fill the stat sheet. She handles it well enough to lead the break and make plays. She has good vision and is a willing passer. She wasn’t aggressive to score, but she showed she can finish at the rim; it was hard to stop her when she drove to her right. She is a capable shooter out to the 3. She can guard multiple positions and will compete defensively. She crashes the boards on both ends. Underrated prospect in her class. 

2027 5’9 PG Cheyenne Hull (Middle School-WA)

  • Cheyenne was one of the top prospects at the C2C Showcase. I was impressed with her skillset and confidence. She already has good size at the PG spot. She handled the ball well when she was pressured. She did a good job playing downhill and attacking the rim. She initiated contact on drives and went to the free throw line. She was really good in transition, especially with the ball in her hands. She either pushed for her own layup or found the right teammate for one. She showed the ability to hit the spot-up 3 as well. She is a prospect to watch for sure.