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C2C Showcase Teams 1-3

By Nars Martinez , 08/17/22, 10:15AM PDT


The Coast 2 Coast National Eval Camp hosted by Nars Martinez was a great success with players from Washington, Oregon and Alaska competing in front of several college coaches and regional/national media scouts. Below are individual player evals for each designated team from camp.  The following evaluations are provided by regional scouts, Colin Davenport and Kyle Randall. *Class of 2027 prospects are in middle school and listed with projected high school.


2025 6’2” SG Berlynn Carlson (Liberty HS-OR)

  • Berlynn set herself apart from the start. She was a vocal leader both in station work and in live play. Her length and instincts on defense caused problems for every opponent, while her footwork and soft touch made her devastating anywhere near the rim. Combined with high-level shooting touch from distance and a high IQ, Berlynn was one of the top performers at C2C.

2023 6’1” SG Mikayla Johnson (Bartlett HS-AK)

  • An elite prospect. Mikayla can score at all three levels on offense and possesses great athleticism that makes her a standout in the open floor. Great touch on her shot and combines a lethal first step with phenomenal footwork to get to the rim or create her shot. Extremely good court vision and an elite IQ, Mikayla is a player D1 schools are already vying for.

2025 6’1” SF Isabella Harms (Willamette HS, OR)

  • A versatile wing with good length that she uses to excel on both ends of the floor. Harms is a good shot blocker and very disruptive in passing lanes. Extremely adept at getting to the rim and finishing through contact on offense.

2026 5’9” SG Carmen Derda (West Seattle HS-WA)

  • Carmen is a combo guard with high IQ. She sees the floor exceedingly well and makes great reads when running the point. As a shooting guard, she does a fantastic job of passing and relocating to open spots where she uses her high percentage jumper and 3pt shot to make defenses pay.

2026 5’8” SG Ellery Burke-Brown (Roosevelt HS-WA)

  • Already possesses good leadership abilities despite having never played high school ball. Burke-Brown was one of the best communicators at the showcase. She also demonstrated a knock-down jumper with range to 3. Possess good court vision and is a strong passer. Played well beyond her age and experience. A player to watch as her high school career begins.

2026 5’4” PG Garciela Chartraw (Port Angeles-WA)

  • A High-level shooter who is able to hit contested 3’s at will, Chartraw also possesses good court vision and passing skills. Despite being one of the youngest players in attendance, she more than held her own against competition 4 years above her.

2027 5’8” PG Herbie Wright (Middle School-WA)

  • A rising 8th grader, Wright showed great instincts in live-game competition. The PG cuts extremely well and is adept at finding open space to keep defenses honest. Wright also showed she is effective at creating and drawing contact when getting to the basket.


2024 6’0 F Nisa Ellis (Lake Stevens HS-WA)

  • Nisa had a great day at the C2C Showcase. Her strength was something that stood out to me out the gate; she plays physical and knows how to use her strength which is great to see at her age. She’s a high-level rebounder. She held her ground defensively in the post when guarding bigger players, and she bullied defenders on the other end for easy buckets. She showed good patience when playing in the paint. She has a nice finishing touch with both hands even through contact. It isn’t a strength yet, but she is a capable shooter out to the 3pt line. Nisa also had some nice possessions leading the break after rebounds. 

2023 5’8 F Joanne Sayers (Nathan Hale HS-WA)

  • Joanne played hard every game. Although she didn’t get many touches, she never complained and continued to be a good teammate. She showed a good understanding of spacing and was always in the right spots which helped her teammates score.

2027 5’8 PG Keleesa Howard (Auburn HS-WA)

  • Keleesa was impressive at the C2C Showcase. I liked her ability to play downhill; she lived in the paint and made the right reads in kick-out vs score situations. She tried to turn the corner in every PNR, too. It was hard for defenders to keep her in front. They even decided to start closing out short. Keleesa made them pay by knocking down spot-up 3s. Bright future for the young PG.

2025 5’7 SG Madison Newbauer (Eastside Catholic HS-WA)

  • Madison played well off the ball at the C2C Showcase. She spaced the floor well and made some spot-up 3s off kick-outs. Defensively is where she made an impact. She played physical on-ball defense and made her opponents work for everything. 

2027 5’5 Kylin Kinchen (Lake Stevens HS-WA)

  • One word that came to mind when I watched Kylin play was energizer bunny. The tempo always picked up when she got in. She was in attack mode every time she had the ball but did a good job not forcing anything. Although she shot decently in stations, she didn’t make a high percentage of her 3s in live play. She shot every shot with the confidence that’s only built from knowing you can make it though. She brought energy defensively and battled against mismatches. 

2027 5’4 PG Sienna Bieler (Woodinville HS-WA)

  • Sienna was fun to watch at the C2C Showcase. She’s small but she’s scrappy. The majority of the time, she was being guarded by bigger, stronger guards but Sienna was unfazed. She battled defensively and was a pest on the ball. She was fearless on offense. She got to the paint and had some nice finishes. She showed the ability to hit the 3-ball off the dribble and the catch. She also made good reads finding teammates on fast breaks. 

2024 5’10 PG Lucy Larson (West Seattle HS-WA)

  • Lucy was one of the best PG prospects at the C2C Showcase. Her vision was what stood out to me first. She made great kick-ahead passes on the break that led to layups, and when playing in the half court, she made nice pocket passes in the PNR. She also showed the ability to create plays off the dribble for teammates and herself. She had nice drives to the rim and finished with both hands. She showed she is a spot-up threat from 3pt range too. 

2024 5’10 F Ava Bright (White River HS-WA)

  • Ava has a motor and was the perfect role player for her team. Skill-wise she didn’t stand out too much. I could see she wanted to show more, but the ball just wasn’t in her hands much. What did stand out, however, was how hard she played. She ran the floor hard every time in transition and she made hard cuts to the rim whether she got the ball or not. Defensively she was active and got a lot of deflections. She rebounded well from the perimeter, too. 


2027 6’1” SF Azariah Jackson (Home School-WA)

  • Possessing a very good handle for her size, Jackson is capable of playing the 3-5 positions on both ends of the floor and causing matchup problems as a result. She has a great shot with good range and is especially effective off the dribble. Her defense in the post also stood out.

2025 5’9” PG Grace Richardson (Peninsula HS-WA)

  • Richardson impressed with her toughness and exceptional handle. She was able to get through defenses and finish at the rim with an array of crafty layups. A very good rebounder for her size, Richardson often caught opposing bigs by surprise as she slipped through box outs and grabbed offensive rebounds.

2025 5’8” PG Iha Kasam (Redmond HS-WA)

  • Kasam stood out for her great defensive anticipation and her ability to read the floor on both sides of the ball. A great shooter who knocks down open shots, Kasam moved well without the ball and also proved to be a heads-up passer. Hitting open teammates when defenders closed out on her.

2023 5’7” PG Monique Carter (Emerald Ridge HS-WA)

  • A shifty ball handler with great footwork, Carter demonstrated what three years of high school basketball can teach a point guard. Carter consistently made great reads in setting up her teammates, managing to efficiently and effectively pick apart defenses with good passing and impressive crossovers.

2023 5’5” PG Samantha Coranado (Summit HS-OR)

  • Coranado was one of the standout defenders at the C2C Showcase. She was able to pressure opposing guards into turnovers and bad shots on a regular basis. Using a combination of great hands and footwork to do so.She also read missed shots exceptionally well. Often stealing rebounds away from much bigger players. On the offensive end, Coranado proved to be a knockdown shooter particularly from the mid range. 

2023 5’3” PG Allie Greene (Neah Bay HS-WA)

  • Allie was extremely active on the defensive end. No pass was safe as she was able to use great timing to deflect or straight up pick off many would-be assists from opponents. Plays bigger than her size and with a great motor.

2025 5’9” SF Makaila Johnson (Seattle Academy-WA)

  • Despite being listed as a wing, Johnson was exceptional at posting and sealing even much larger opponents down low. In addition, she is an accurate shooter with a very good 3 point shot. Definitely a versatile player who will only get better as she continues her high school career.