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Who Stood Out at Winter Series III?

By PassThaBall, 02/14/22, 11:15AM PST


As this past weekend brought a freeze to most of the Northeast region with record breaking temperatures, the HOT spot was at Sportika Sports Complex in Manalapan, NJ for The Winter Series Session III Evaluation weekend. Kenneth “KP” Panell along with Select Events put together yet another exciting event with teams from Providence to Florida, and in between.

As the girl's game continues to grow the talent pool gets deeper, the skill sets are evolving and it was a pleasure to sit in on a number of competitive games throughout the weekend. The 2026 -2030 class brought the HEAT to the Winter Series Session III. Here are some tops performing teams and standout players that will be added to our database.

The brackets were loaded with teams battling to win their pool.  After all the smoke was cleared, Team Takeover and Team Thrill were the last two teams standing in the 8th grade Championship. Due to unforeseen issues the game wasn't completed, nonetheless it was a very competitive match up ending with just over 5 minutes on the clock with team Takeover up by 5.

In the 7th grade division Lady YKS continued its dominance. The Midwest representative, All Ohio Express, took home the 6th grade division Championship while Top notch finished the 5th grade division. Congratulations to all the Session III Champions.


8th grade Division Feature Teams

Team Takeovers (Session II Champs)
Appears to be unstoppable at this point as they play great team ball and are led by Jordan Jackson. She is a very intriguing prospect that played at a high level all weekend. The young star plays all positions for her team and simply gets the job done. Takeover has strong guard play along with size and athleticism, including multiple shooters. They constantly applied pressure on the defensive end whether it was full court press using their length and speed or going zone and making it tough for opponents to get into their sets.

Team Thrill
Led by a fiery point guard, Autumn Fleary was a tough opponent all weekend. The dynamic PG sets the table with her energy and ability to slash and constantly draw help defenders. Their front court is huge with 5 players standing at 6’0 or taller. The bigs were a bit raw but fundamentally sound. They played extremely hard and physical, and was active for the team on the offensive boards catching high and finishing. Defensively their length in the zone defense is hard to deal with as they get multiple deflections and blocks. They also do a great job rotating and rebounding out of position. Team Thrill was a hard match up all weekend, looking forward to seeing them in session lV.

Session III 8th Grade Division Standouts

26’ Jordan Jackson (Team Takeover)
Jordan continues to make deposits into her prospect account. This weekend was no different. She has the ability to take over a game on both ends. She shoots it consistently from 3 point range. With her agility combined and a quick first step, she is difficult to contain when attacking off the bounce.

26’ Demi Johnson (Team Takeover)
Demi is a proven shooter and legitimate threat from 3 point range. Every opportunity she gets whether off a drive or skip pass it was the same result, bottoms up and this weekend was no different. Whenever her team needed a big basket she made herself available and answered. She also shared point responsibilities and did a solid job getting her team into their sets. She was solid defensively causing havoc in their press.

26’ Atlee Vanesko (Philadelphia Belles)
Atlee continues to show the work she puts in during the off hours as it translates to game play. We have seen her on a number of occasions and she is becoming more confident each time. She is sneaky athletic, has great length and plays with a nice pace. Atlee has a solid mid range shot off the bounce and is consistent with the deep ball. She has improved in ISO situations with an array of combos allowing space for jumper or downhill drives.

26’ Olivia Vukosa (Philadelphia Belles)
Olivia aka Big O is just that. A formidable physical presence that ate up the paint on both ends of the floor. She was a handful for the defense as she isn’t just big, she is skilled. Olivia has great hands and foot work, not to mention very nimble for her size. She did a great job setting screens to free up her guards and was nearly unstoppable on the roll and catch. She has a solid handle so it wasn’t surprising to see her snatch a board and push in transition herself. Sometimes going coast to coast, as not many were willing to step in front of her. Olivia is problem Child status and Next 100 with a doubt.

26’ Taniyah Davis (Florida Lady Huskers)
First look at this prospect out of Florida and her relentless motor was the first thing that stood out. She was active and energetic on defense, maintaining the ball handler and playing the passing lanes. She excels in the open court getting from one end to the other with the ability to finish in traffic with both hands. Taniyah also displayed her ability to hit the long ball knocking down several from long distance in a tough loss to Top Notch. This guard out of Florida will be added to the Next 100 List.

26’ Tatyana Campise-Pinkney (Florida Lady Huskies)
Another prospect from Florida that came up to New Jersey to get it done. Tatyana showed strong handles and saw things a few plays ahead eluding traps and making the right plays. She has great motor and is a solid shooter knocking down multiple mid-range and timely 3 pointers throughout the weekend. She plays aggressive on ball defense and guarded the best player from each team. We will keep an eye on this kid from the sunshine state.

26’ Tiyara Gonzalez (Team Providence)
One of the smaller guards at 5’3 but her mentality is what separated her. Tiyara played the lead guard position the right way throughout the weekend. She has a compact stature and great footwork. Tiyara uses her crafty handles to get in the lanes for kick to shooters or dump down to post players. Showed a nice shot from range and utilized the floater in transition well . As she continues to add to her game we will be watching.

26’ Jada Lynch (NJ Rise)
Second look at Jada this weekend and was impressed. This kid is a baller, you immediately notice her high intensity level. She does a little bit of everything for her team and is able to defend 1-5. Jada does a great job crashing the boards on both ends, she grabbed multiple rebounds in traffic with tough put backs over bigger players. She also showed the ability to rebound and start the break manipulating the lanes and distributing to teammates in transition. We will continue to keep an eye on this prospect.

26’ Trinnete Thomas (Team Essence)
Strong lead guard with great handle with freakish athleticism. She see's the floor well, stays in attack mode and completes tough finishes in traffic. Shifty guard that excels in transition and puts constant pressure on defenders with her speed and finishes at the rim with either hand. As she develops a more consistent jump shot she can be a real triple threat. Looking forward to watching her as her game evolves.

26’ Autumn Fleary (Team Thrill)
One of the most electric guards over the weekend. Autumn has a relentless motor, she applies constant pressure on the defense whether in transition or in the half court. She does a great job getting downhill drawing and dropping off the pass to the rolling post players or finishing at the rim in dynamic fashion. She is extremely shifty and has multiple combos that allow her to get to her spots for pull ups with ease. With her athleticism, she is also a solid on ball defender and harasses the passing lanes. Autumn is Problem Child status, we look forward to tracking her development for the Next 100.

26’ Jada McClure (Queen City Ballers)
Jada runs the show for the Queen City squad. She displayed her ability to hit the 3 ball from deep and will pull a few steps beyond half court with ease. As a bigger guard at 5’9 she does a great job facilitating, she has an extremely high IQ and see's the floor well. One of the better passers throughout the weekend, as she possesses the ability to place the ball in a catch shoot situation for teammates. Needs to be more engaged and increase intensity level at times of the game but she has the tools. Going to keep a track of this prospect.

26’ Lexi Carnegie (New Jersey Sparks)
Lexi simply made plays all weekend, she is very serviceable in multiple areas of the game. She was in attack mode this weekend taking advantage of the baseline attacking the bigs, finishing at the rim, or utilizing a nice floater. She is a big guard and displayed the ability to get to her spot and rise for pull ups. Has a high release on her jump shot making it tough to defend. She rebounded very well from her position and has the ability to start the break and create for others or get to the rim. At times, seems to be a bit passive, this is simply because she plays the right way, once she adds a kill switch she is gonna be a handful. We will keep an eye on as she develops, Next 100 watch list.

27’ Taylor Brown (New Jersey Sparks)
Taylor is a small guard with extremely advanced defensive instincts, she is like a strong safety as she anticipates passing lanes and applies ball pressure for 94 feet causing havoc for opposing guards and setting the tone for her team. Taylor has a scorer mentality at the PG position, she shoots a high percentage from range, and walked into a number of transition 3 pointers over the weekend. Very shifty and tight handles as she utilizes an array of combos creating space to get her shot off at will. She has a deadly step back, a skill set that will translate to the next level. She was able to get paint touches at will and create opportunities for teammates. Looking forward to watching her game expand, a definite Next 100 watch list.

27’ Jazelle ‘GG’ Banks (New Jersey Sparks)
Jazelle is simply different, she has an abundance of flash to her game and plays with extreme passion. She has the ball on a string and her ability to stop and go on the dime, split traps, and utilize the euro step in multiple ways at the rim was simply too hard to guard and really flourished in transition. She is an aggressive on ball defender and a terror in the lanes getting multiple steals. Although known as a scorer, Jazelle also showed great court vision this weekend setting the table for her teammates. As she develops a consistent jump shot this young prospect will be a handful for years to come.

27’ Jordan Speller (Princess Warriors)
Jordan stepped on the scene and immediately put herself in the conversation as one of “those kids’. She is an extremely athletic guard with bounce and played with extreme confidence. She has a playground feel to her game and she created headaches for defenses with her downhill style of play. Although a small guard, she has the ability to finish through contact with power and elevation. A consistent jump shot would take her to another level, which will come over time she will develop.

27’ Josephine Pinnock (Positive Direction)
It's not hard to notice a gym rat when you see one and this kid is just that. Josie immediately gives that vibe as she plays like a seasoned vet, constantly communicating with her team whether setting up the offense or directing traffic defensively. She plays eyes up which is a special attribute at such a young age. She makes the right plays in transition by letting things develop. She plays at her pace, does a great job getting teammates involved and understands reads out of certain situations.

27’ Ariel Lopez (Top Notch Ballers)
Ariel is a floor general that gets top notch moving in the right direction. Every time out, she shows growth in an aspect of her game and this weekend was no different, as she led her team to marquee wins over Fairfax stars and Florida Huskies. Ari has developed more poise at the PG position not allowing defense to speed her up. She handled the ball under pressure, manipulated presses while playing at her pace which is crucial as a lead guard. She has a quick release out of her step back and knocks down a number of 3 pointers to stretch or stop a run. When it's all said and done this young lady will be in the conversation.

27’ Jessie Moses (Top Notch Ballers)
Jessie continues to stay the course as she plays with confidence and poise, she shoots the long ball at a high percentage and may be one of the most lethal shooters in her class. She stayed the course this weekend knocking 3 after 3. One thing that stood out to me was her much improved ball handling and willingness to attack the paint. Throughout the weekend she hit defenders with combos and getting into the lanes for floaters or euro finishing at the rim. Showed why she can be taken out of the “shooter’ box.

Honorable Mention

26’ Jaelynn Housey / Florida Huskies
26’ Kailyn Gibson / Florida Huskies
26’ Makia Pollard / Team Thrill
26’ Jacara Spencer / Team Thrill
26’ Kamoria Bowens / NJ Sparks
26’ Ava Fajardo / NJ Rise
26’ Ashley MacCalla / Top Notch
26’ Chamiah Francis / Team Essence
26’ London Caldwell / New Heights
26’ Brooke Nunnalllly - Gardner / Bay State Jags

7th Grade Division Feature Teams

Lady YKS (Session III Champs)
This crew has been on a roll winning their 3rd Winter Series Championship. This young talented crew is well coached and plays with three P’s: poise, passion and purpose. A very energetic bunch that is fueled by their full court pressure defense, they have length and move the ball, something that's rare for such a young group. They stretch teams out and are effective in getting into the lanes out of their dribble drive offense, finding cutters, finishing at the rim or kicking to shooters. Micah Ojo is lengthy, very athletic and stays in attack mode at all times finishing through contact or with floaters in the paint. The twins Mia and Kate Spain aka double trouble added to the mix make them a tough squad. We're gonna keep an eye on this young group as they grow together.

WPA Bruins
WPA showed up to play this weekend. They eased through pool play in convincing fashion on the way to the title game in their division. This team was one of the more fundamentally sound teams in the younger division, they did all the small things communicating on defense, boxing out and they showed patience on offense constantly searching for the best shot. If this group stays together and continues to grind they will be one of the teams to beat on the circuit this spring.

Session III 7th Grade Division Standouts

27’ Micah Ojo (Lady YKS)
Extremely athletic, guard that plays hard on every possession. She is very active on the defensive end getting multiple deflections, steals in passing lanes and has the ability to finish in transition. She plays down hill constantly putting pressure on the defense and with her size she does a great job making things happen out of the high post. One we will keep an eye on as she develops.

27’ Mia Spain (Lady YKS)
High IQ guard with an exceptional passing ability, she does a great job feeding her post players or dropping dimes to streaking teammates in transition. Very poised under pressure and seems to never get sped up as she gets her team into their sets.The lefty is consistent from range so you can’t leave her open, many teams paid for that over the weekend.

27’ Kate Spain (Lady YKS)
Like her twin sister, Katie is a baller, she has solid basketball attributes and you can see that she is a gym rat by her High IQ. She shares the point with her twin and has great court vision and awareness, she is also a knock down shooter and is constantly moving to find space to get her jumper off.

27’ Kayla Snyder (New Jersey Sparks)
This young guard showed pose and leadership over the weekend. She is a facilitator that gets her NJ Sparks team going. One of the best shooters in her class, Kaykla knocked down numerous shots from range keeping her team in the game. She is a solid defender, very vocal and plays hard on every possession. As she gets a stronger handle, her ability to create space to get off her jumper and be more effective attacking the lanes will increase her stock. We will keep an eye on this sharp shooter as she develops.

27’ Mary Ganim (Riverside Hawks)
Mary may have been one of the more composed PG’s in the 7th grade division. The first thing that stood out is she doesn't get sped up under pressure, she uses her solid frame well to deter defenders and has nice body control as she changes direction/pace well, keeping defenders on their heels. She finished well in transition and hit a few from 3 point range when her team needed it.

27’ Ashley Labeach (Riverside Hawks)
Ashley has a high motor and at a young age she is a bully. She searches for contact and is very physical. She has a knack for being in the right place for rebounds and put backs offensively and competes on every possession. She has good balance and she is quick off the floor as she develops she will need to improve on her ball handling skills but that will come in due time.

27’ London Ferguson (Team Takeover)
The team's floor general gets her team going, like most takeover teams like to get out and run and London does a great job seeing the floor and getting the ball to open teammates in transition for easy buckets. Her handle is solid and she understands spacing, as she develops and gains a consistent jump shot she will be a handful.

27’ Kristin Small (Team Takeover)
Kristin is a space eater, at 5’8 with a solid frame yet very agile, she does a great job controlling the paint on both ends. She is a solid defender, rebounds and outlets to her guards to get them in transition. Offensively not your typical big as she wonders out to the perimeter and has the ability to attack off the dribble.

Honorable Mention
27’ Anastasia Bonfante / Riverside
27’ Kennedy Burton / New Heights
27’ Ailey Gordon / New Jersey Sparks
27’ Gabby Middleton / Bay State
27’ Coutney Goens / Lady Storm

6th Grade Feature Team

All Ohio Express (Session III Champs)
This team took the pilgrimage to New Jersey with one thing on their mind, WIN! They did just that as they took home the Session III Championship ball. Setting the tone with a very effective full court press they muzzled their opponents guards early and often throughout pool play. This team has great size across the board. Janiyah Hargrove seems to be the spark that gets them going and the big trio of Cameron King, Simone Smith and Nicole Davis holds down the paint, controls the boards and powers up to finish inside.

6th Grade Division Standouts

28’ Janiya Hargrove (All Ohio Express)
Definitely the most athletic player in the 6th division she constantly applied pressure on her opponents. Her length and energy at the head of the press was giving the team headaches all throughout the weekend. Whether it was a deflection to a teammate or a mid air grab she was a terror on defense. She is a big guard that can go left or right and is always probing to get in the lanes and her body control and extension led to a lot of 3 point plays.

28’ Nicole Davis (All Ohio Express)
Nicole is a problem in the paint as she is a mix of power and finesse. She showed good footwork keeping her pivot down, playing off defenders' contact and finishing; she was hard to guard once she had position. She also did a great job stepping out setting screens, rolling and repositioning herself, which is a skill that older post players still have trouble grasping so she is ahead of the game. It was fun to watch her play the game as she communicated with teammates and understood her defensive assignments. As she gets taller she is gonna be a duel option playing in and out.

29’ Daniella Barazotti (NJ Pride)
Daniella is a bruiser type player with a stout frame but very athletic for her size. She boxed well and grabbed rebounds at its highest point which is a great skill for a youngster. With her size at this level she would typically be stuck in the post but her ball handling allowed her to help her team against presses and use her as a scoring option off the wing to attack the lanes she was solid with finishing in the lane with both hands. Her name will be in the bag as she continues to improve.

28’ Dianny Armoro (New Jersey Sparks)
Dianny is a very skilled young prospect with all the tools in the box. She has great ball control and can flat out score the ball which did all weekend. She has a scorer mentality which is needed for her team's success, and she had no problem stepping up to the plate. She is a true competitor and loves to get after it on the defensive end as well. The young guard had a very busy weekend as she also plays up on the NJ sparks 7th grade team and is one of the primary scoring options.

28’ Ava Francia (New Jersey Sparks)
This long athletic guard played great in transition and wasn't scared of contact as she constantly puts pressure on defenders. She can improve on her change of direction moves but her in and out hard left drives couldn't be stopped. Nice touch from 3 point range, the form is there so the percentage will increase with reps. She attacks the boards well, can start the break herself and is an efficient outlet passer. Look forward to watching her development.

28’ Rhylee Espinal (New Heights)
Very active young player, she had her athleticism on full display just as she was a pest on defense getting multiple steals out there full court press. She is a high energy player and attacks the glass with reckless abandonment for put backs. She is a slasher with great balance for her age and definitely not afraid to take a bump or two.

29’ Crystal Thomas (New Heights)
This little one held her own as playing up with new heights 6th grade team. This little guard is an intense competitor and floor general. You can see she understands the game and is not just out on the court playing it. She has a crafty handle and can control the ball with both hands, she utilized retreat dribbles and change of direction to get out of traps and made the right pass which was surprising to see from such a young player. As she develops she will be a very solid guard prospect.

29’ Daniella Barazotti (NJ Pride)
Daniella is a bruiser type player with a stout frame but very athletic for her size. She boxed well and grabbed rebounds at its highest point which is a great skill for a youngster. With her size at this level she would typically be stuck in the post but her ball handling allowed her to play off the wing and attack the lanes and really did a good job with finishing in the lane.

Honorable Mention
28’ Cameron King / All Ohio Express
28’ Simone Smith / All Ohio Express
28’ Kenaide Benjamin / NJ Pride
28’ Tyeera Howard / NJ Pride
28’ Kimora Smith / Harlem USA

5th grade Division Standouts

29’ Leah Dukes (Top Notch Ballers)
Leah had her point guard ability on full display, showed good handles and mixed it up offensively as she made the right decision as a smaller guard taking pull ups or a floater in the lanes avoiding shot blockers. She put together a great weekend to help her team take the Session III Championship Title.

28’ Melody Vaughn (Top Notch Ballers)
Melody is a very aggressive player who isn't afraid of contact and plays with a high motor with a knack for being around the ball. She had a ton of deflections and steals. She plays in attack mode offensively so any light in the lane she is getting right to it with her quick first step, she blew by defenders all weekend. She has good balance for her age and with her athleticism that's gonna be a game changer as she gets older.

30’ Mckenzie Larkin (Queen City)
Mckenzie stood out immediately when watching queen city play. The young guard only in the 4th grade was able to keep up physically and hold her own. She has solid ball control and plays with some swag. Very charismatic player and you can see she has a passion for the game. Strong lead guard with great handle, see's the floor well and shows patience getting her team into their system.

29’ Kemoni Hardy (Queen City)
This young prospect is extremely athletic and plays with an aggressive mentality. Kemoni played with reckless abandon, continually crashing the boards and finishing well through contact. She did a good job catching in the high post and attacking the rim, taking short jumpers or kicking out to shooters. She played very aggressive defense and was a monster in her teams pressing getting a number of steals and deflections. The kid can play and we will be tracking her progress.