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Elite is Earned Austin, TX

By M.D, 05/10/21, 7:15PM PDT


Elite Is Earned

Madison Cockrell

Hailey Adams

Had the opportunity to attend Chris Hanson's  Elite is Earned in the Austin, Texas area, and the talent was at an all time high . Players from all over the Texas area and surrounding states were present, including kids from Washington, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  

It started off with the usual stretching and ball handling drills to get the girls warmed up. Once the 1 on 1's and 3 on 3's got started, you could see it was something special about these players in attendance.

The one that stood out from the start was (2022) 5-7 PG Madison Cockrell (Drive Nation) her energy the moment the ball rolled out was  unmatched. Her high motor and intense defense was a problem for anyone that stood in front of her on either side of the ball.

Another player that stood out was (2022) 6-0 Hailey Adams (S.A Hoops Gold). This versatile do it all guard showed amazing court vision, a smooth jumper, and a high IQ. She is definitely  one to keep your eye on. 

Other kids that stood out were (2023) 6-0 Jenna Villa (Tree of Hope WA), (2023) 6-2 Tatum West (Higher Goals), (2023) Mia Galbraith (AD  Elite), ( 2022) 5-9 Mackendra Konig (ABA WA), (2022) 6-0 Ashlon Jackson (Duke Commit, S.A. Finest), (2024) 6-1 Averi Aaron (S.A Finest), (2023) 6-1 Taleiyah Gibbs (AD Elite).

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