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Next 100 Jersey Part 1

By PassThaBall, 02/15/21, 2:15PM PST


Aylei Gordon 5’2” PG-

Aylei one of the best players in the session from the start. She excelled in skills and drills and used her strong, athletic build to her advantage in game play. Aylei is scrappy and relentless on the defensive end. She attacked the rim with aggression and finished well in transition and showed the ability to shoot the three. Utilizing her left hand more is a must as she continues to develop. Definitely one to watch

Taleiyah Smith 5’3'' G-

Taleiyah showed flashes of being a big time scorer. She is long and linky with great body control and has a killer crossover which she used effectively. She battles on the boards and has the ability to push in transition with the finishing through contact or find an open teammate.

Dianny Amaro 5’0 PG -

Dianny makes you take notice immediately. She has a laser focus and goes hard on every rep paying attention to detail in Skills and drills. Dianny has a lot of tools in her offensive arsenal and creativity. Something that stood out to me as a young guard is she plays with her eyes to deceive or set up.

Charlize Olmo 5’4-

Charlize plays like she loves the game!! She was eager to get into the skill session and asked a lot of questions. During games she stayed under control with solid handles and She used her ball fakes well to open up opportunities for teammates and found ways to get her shots off. She was also physical attacking the boards on both sides of the floor.

Brianna Holt 6’0” C-

Bri was a very intriguing prospect in the first session. She is a beginner with some great instincts as she rebounds well and keeps the ball high to finish or past out of the post. She naturally rim runs and immediately looks to post which is hard to teach. She has a kind demeanor now but when she gets that killer instinct watch out.

Ally Guardino 4’8 PG-

Ally’s energy was the first thing you noticed about her. She had an infectious personality which matched her game. She is a little speedster with a high motor as she was consistently in a passing lane or causing tie ups. She manipulates the ball well and changes direction on the dime and good form on jump shot just needs to put more work in.

Addison Valdez 5’3” G-

Young guard with lean stature but deceptive strength as she finished around the rim regularly and battled on the boards. She displayed good ball control in the skill session but it has yet to translate to game play, once it does watch out.

Emily Torrado 5’4” G- Emily showed good form in the shooting session knocking down the majority of shots with a good arch and solid gooseneck on her follow through. She moved well understanding offensive spacing. Emily has the size to be a solid guard prospect but needs to be more aggressive on both sides of the floor.

Iyanah Lafontant 4’9” PG-

Iyannah was one of the smaller participants but played with big confidence. She was one of the moresesoned PG’s as she displayed a strong handle and constantly looked to set up her teammates, she has a good feel for the game and court vision to match. She needs to be more aggressive offensively to keep the defense honest.

Jasiyaa Byron 5’3” G-

Jasiyaa was one of the youngest at the event as a 5th grader. She has a solid frame so she was able to deal with the physical play. She showed a promising ball handling ability in the skills session with footwork to match. As she continues to develop she'll be in the mix.

Jayah Curtis 5’5 G-

Jaya’s athleticism stands out immediately. She has an athletic build and strides up and down the court with speed. She has a decent form on her jumpshot and can finish in transition. We’ll keep an eye on her as she continues to develop.

Trinity Horn 5’2” G-

heady player that picked up on drills in the skill sessions quickly. Her defense may be her strongest attribute right now as she understands help and switch concepts but can't leave her open. Good ball handler but lacks the confidence to use it effectively as of right now.

Leah Dukes 5’1”G -

Leah the youngest of the session held her own. As a 4th grader competing against older kids she didn't back down. She showed she can handle the ball and has good footwork in skill sessions. She also knocked down a 3 pointer here and there with her left hand release. Keep working, she's gonna be in the mix.

Julia Valente 5’6” F-

Julia used her long arms to get multiple deflections and rebounds all day. She runs the lanes hard on both ends. She has the shooting form but accuracy not quite there yet. If she continues to work on her handle and gain confidence watch out.

Tatyanna Watson 5’0” G-

Tati has a solid build and is very aggressive and she uses both attributes to be effective on the boards. She hustle every play, looks to attack in transition when opportunity presents itself but is very unselfish.

Leah Gurley 5’1” G -

If I were to describe Leah, it would be the “Tazmanian devil”. She is a headache on defense as she gave every guard a problem. As small as she is she has great timing which led to a number of blocks of transition lay ups. The form on her shot is there just needs more reps as well as learning how to move in space to get shot off.

Valentina Coronado 5’2” G-

Val was laser focused all day and has a second to known work ethic. She attacked every drill during skills sessions and stayed aggressive during game play. She has good form on her jump shot which will come in handy as her journey continues.

Selena Kareem 5’5” G-

Long athletic build with good ball handling and court vision. She has a slender build yet plays aggressive and doesn't shy away from contact. As she gets stronger she becomes more effective on the offensive end.

Noelle Grady 5’ 6” G-

Noelle has a great work ethic, which stands out immediately. She pushed herself during every skill session. She has a good basketball IQ which was noticeable during games by how she moves in space. She plays the game with purpose and for a young prospect that all you can ask.