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Super 60 Recap Dallas 2020

By Simmie Colson, 03/01/20, 9:00PM PST


Super 60 Duncanville, TX was definitely and impressive group with new up and coming talent. There was size and plenty of guards that stood out. Below are the evaluations provided by Simmie Colson of

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Kaelyn Hamilton-5’8 G- Her play on the court, as well as her leadership off the court, just sold me on what’s coming. She’s an athletic nightmare and will be hard to handle when she enters high school and plays for her mom, trust me on that and all I wrote was #BEAST

Rian Forestier-5’8 PG (Players First) I’m just shaking my head because of what I said a few months about her game and I always stress, I love progression. Her aggressiveness on both defense and attacking the basket stood out yet she’s added a picture-perfect jumper that I couldn’t stop watching.

Ja’Mya Brown-5’3 PG (Supergirls) always remember, the game starts at the one and when you’re heady, that means you understand how to run a team, that will take you far as you progress and she showed she could handle the ball under pressure and make the right passes. Creating her shot also adds to what’s coming.

Taler Thornton-5’8 G (Houston Skyrise) made my Tip Sheet three years ago and she impressed playing up and wearing #51. She attacks and finishes strong, she battles on the boards and can grab it on go to coast to coast to either finish, stop and pop or make the right pass and speaking of passing, she throws bullets on the money.

Mikaela Curtis-5’7 G – I stress the importance of doing simple things, like playing the passing lane, reacting on defense and getting after it because those are easy and all it takes is effort, she definitely showed that so watching her create her shot in the skills and under pressure in-game situation was good to see, plenty of upside.

Grace Riggs-5’9 G- she has a lot of tools in her offensive arsenal and creativity is just something you can’t teach. I love the hesitation, that gets defenders to lean and once they do, she’s gone. That pull-up was impressive but when she took the defender baseline for the reverse and the “and one” I dropped my pen.

Victoria Barrera-5’7 PG (Lady Heat) another young smart point guard that can control the tempo, plays within herself and understands how to run a team. Trust me, these qualities are vital not only in high school but beyond. She also understands how to set the defense up, she can create and get her shot off as well as attack and finish after contact.

Aislinn Chaffin-5’5 G- defensive guards that dive on the floor for loose balls were once abundant so it’s always great for me to see that in a player because it falls into some of those intangibles you can’t teach. She understands how to get to the “spot” and nail it as well as mixing it up and attacking the rim.

Keyera Roseby-5’8 F- she rebounds well on both ends, has a knack for grabbing the boards over taller players and she’s strong, really strong and that showed not only in the paint in defense but she could get it and go, as in the push the ball and all of this at this stage will take her far because she can take defenders off the dribble in the half-court and finish.

Tatiana Butenko-5’4 PG (Houston United) her name preceded her so I was eager to catch her in not only the skills and drills session, which she was impressive but game situation and her upside is definitely high because of her ability and basketball IQ. She does a good job of playing within herself and getting hers in the flow, nice job creating the shot.

Alsie Medlock-5’0 PG- I have an old saying “size don’t matter when you can play” and she can definitely do that. She has no fear, attacks the basket relentlessly and did a good job of handling the ball while being defended tightly and she makes the right passes. Not only does she create her shot, but she also showed a nice step back.

Cyncere McDonald-5’2 G (Supergirls) she has made quite a few of my tip sheets, speedy guard, under control, finishes with contact, yes I’m sincerely impressed that she keeps adding to her repertoire and taking defenders by getting them off-balanced was superseded by her spin move that had me going. Showed she could hit outside shot as well.

Kaley O’Neal-5’3 G (Supergirls) I couldn’t get her to smile for the picture but she had me smiling as I wondered how many Supergirls were going to spin right there in front of me. She turned it on during the games, she explodes to the basket strongly and consistently, yet under control and she finished after contact with ease.


Milania Jordan-5’9 G (Team Jordan) to say she left a lasting first impression would be a major understatement especially the way she brought “it” off the top. She’s athletic and under control but she also understands how to set defenses up to go by them with a nice first step. She also creates her shot well under pressure and that pull-up jumper is hard to handle.

Leajah Maddox-5’11 F (Texas U) did a good job in the skills and drills and applied much of what she showed in-game situations. Her athletic ability and strength fall into the “always a good base” category yet she creates her shot, attacks the rim and rebounds well on both ends of the court. Another plus is her timing which enables her to block, alter or deflect quite a few shots.

Alana Bray-G (DC Queens Silver 2025) I have a saying; well I have a lot of sayings that make sense but “size don’t matter when you can play” is among my favorites and it applies to this young lady. Her BB-IQ is ahead of her years, she sees the floor nicely, makes the right passes and also created her shot well under pressure but that floater, oh my.

Camille Williams-5’9 G (Texas U) some players just understand what “hunger on the court” means and she definitely does as she battles for everything in the paint off the boards on both ends. Nice power for her age, she also showed she could rebound and push the ball as well as finish, with contact. Her ability to create off the dribble adds more fuel to her fire.

Megyn Mekins-5’6 G (Texas U) showed me a lot during the skills portion as she comprehended what was being taught and implemented that in the game situation but one thing that she understands is how to play within herself as well as get hers in the flow. She picks her spots offensively and gets her shot off under pressure but she also can mix it up off the dribble.

Brooklyn Terry-5’10 F (Texas U) her repertoire of what she brings now is scary because she has a whole lot of stuff going. She’s almost at the magic number. 6’0, she can create her shot and hit the pull up jumper from midrange or she can attack the basket and finish with contact. She also showed some nice reverse layups, good body control as well.

Alaysia Gude-5’6 G (Waco United) I love progression and every time I see her; she just adds more to her game. She attacks with power, yet under control and finishes with contact but that outside shot keeps impressing me, quick release and creativity with her ball handling but one thing she continues to do that I love to see is playing the passing lane which leads to buckets galore.

Gavyn Robinson-5’1 PG (DC Queens Silver 2025) once again, size don’t matter when? When you can play and she can not only play but she understands how to control the tempo and make the right passes to the right people. Good court vision and ball-handling but she also created her shot while being defended and showed she could attack and finish with power.

Isabella D’Alessandro-5’5 G (Cen Tex) good athleticism enables her to do many things and one of them is handling the ball under pressure. I put a GIF on Twitter and Facebook showing her going behind the back but she can also push the ball and hit teammates on the money going full speed or just attack the basket and finish herself, sometimes acrobatically. Nice mid-range.

Daryn Thiepont-5’1 PG (Players First) what did I say about heady point guards especially at this age? The game starts at the one and she showed me quite a bit early in the skill session with her ball-handling and creating her shot but during the games, she’s under control and made the right passes so with all of that going, she has good upside.

Journee White-5’6 G (Supergirls) one day I’ll be saying Journee White is DYNOMITE because I see it coming. She wants it and it shows, she’s eager and plays under control but importantly within herself as she gets hers in the flow. Created her shot nicely but also brought a little heat on defense and didn’t mind getting physical for rebounds.

Dallas Henry-5’3 PG (Team Jordan) another young PG that can control the tempo, you just don’t know how much that means, well she does because she see's the floor nicely and splits the defense with crisp passes on the money but she also showed she could create her shot and get where she wanted or just attacked and finish with power.

LA Sneed-5’6 PG (Texas Flight) I said she was #D1Lock in the fourth and throw away the key in the fifth because her talent is through the roof right now. She can score more ways than I can write, her mental toughness is way ahead of the game and she plays the same way, no matter what, on both ends of the court. Mid to long, attacking the basket, court vision and defending, she has “IT”.

Shiloh Kimpson-5’3 PG (Hunt United) I didn’t really write anything about her because I already know what’s here now and what’s coming. She can shoot mid to long-range, defend baseline to baseline and handle the ball under pressure and pressure is key because she applies it and she wants the ball under it because she possesses that “you can’t stop me mindset”.

Ahnori Cummings-5’6 P (Supergirls) the Supergirls brought a lot of players to impress me and Cummings had it “going” on in not only the skills and drills but game situation. Her fight and desire are just things you can’t teach, neither is the willingness to man up and go hard on defense. Nice upside, she’s a battler.


Delaney Arredondo-5’1 PG (SA Finest) the abundance of talented young PG’s in attendance was amazing because the game starts at the one and her BB-IQ sets the stage for everything because she can set up teammates for easy baskets or just take over with a nice hesitation or just explode to the basket. She creates her shot and handles the ball, both well under pressure and can shoot it.

Natalia Jordan-5’6 G (Team Jordan) how about grabbing a rebound and going to coast for an and-one as my first game situation glimpse. Athleticism galore and combine that with energy and desire as she attacks the rim and brought on the defense but she also has a nice stop and pop jumper and created her shot nicely against tight defense.

Rieyan Desouze-5’0 PG (Nike Cy Fair Lewis)- size don’t matter when you can play and the jumps she continues to make every time I’ve caught her since the third grade where she sold me just leaves me speechless. She gets to the rim with ease, makes pinpoint passes at the right time. and can run a team, at this age, that speaks volumes. Oh yeah, that crossover, wow.

Jaclyn Silva-4’11 PG (Pro Skills) heady player that comprehended a lot during the skill sessions and implemented that during game situation but her defense caught my first as she understood how and when to switch. Good ball handling and ability to create her shot under pressure but I love her upside because I can see the desire.

Arianna Davis-5’3 G (SA Finest) got after it early in-game situation after doing the same during skills and drills but the eagerness to absorb was there from the jump. Watching her create her shot was definitely a bright spot as she did a variety of ways and she showed she could hit the outside shot, under pressure. She also handled the ball well.

Gianna Jordan-5’2 G (Team Jordan) that first step combined with her athleticism are good tools to have early. She’s under control and handled the ball that way, under control, under pressure. She also knows how to get to the basket as well as create her shot from the outside but then she turned up the heat on the defensive end and I’m saying to myself “these Jordan sisters” wow.

Jaden Jackson 5’7 F (Pro Skills) showed a variety of things before the games even started by grasping the skill session with ease. Once the games began, she did a good job on both ends of the court, shooting the ball from outside as well as taking it to the rim and finishing, with contact but all of that was possible because of her creating her shot.

Amari Byles-5’11 F (Pro Skills) she’s a primary example of why I don’t look at the roster because her athleticism is through the roof and that combined with desire and energy, I guess her being a shade under “the magic number” helps but her upside is unlimited, she will definitely create problems. Pull-up, finishes, cross-over and has “ups”.

Kamil Ajose-5’0 PG (Supergirls) size don’t matter, remember and she certainly showed it didn’t because there was no sign of Kryptonite slowing her down. She understands how to create her shot, she handles the ball well and she sets the defense up with either a nice mid-range or dropping the long ball but she also can get to the basket.

Mazira Palmer-5’11 F (Texas U) strong and athletic as well as long set the stage on which she showed a lot. Okay, she created her show well, under pressure but grabbing a rebound and going coast to coast to finish at her size and age, fluidly was big but she also attacked the basket in the half-court. Guess what else, she plays the passing lane.

Kyndall Graham-4’9 PG (Hunt United) another “size don’t matter when you can play” and her fearlessness reminds me of a young Porsche Landry who starred at Houston. She attacks strongly, sets defenders up easily, handles the ball under pressure and creates her shot nicely where she can she to mid or attack with the floater.

Mackenzie Donald-5’0 G (SA Finest) heady player that was one of the standouts in the skills and drills and implemented much of what they went over like taking defenders off the dribble as well as how to create her shot under pressure. She also handled the ball well, doesn’t mind playing defense and made some good passes in traffic.

Morgan Davis-5’4 G (Pro Skills) I think my exact words when I first saw her three years ago were “when you're this young and can create your own shot, that's always a good thing but when you're this young and find ways to score, that's a great thing. Tough as nails on both ends” and how do I know, I used the search bar but peep this, her mindset is just amazing and she keeps adding to her game. A vocal leader that can both run a team or just take over herself and trust me, she is going to be a player to deal with.

MaKenzie White-5’4 PG (Texas Nation) she’s athletic and finds multiple ways to get to the rim and by getting to the rim, she attacks it hard. She also has nice pull-up jumper and all of these attributes are primarily because she understands how to create her shot and when you can do that, especially when you’re making it from outside, that gives you options.

Maddie Mcghie-5’7 G (Texas U) I was amazed to see so many young players being able to create their shots and she was one of those who grabbed my attention early by doing it. She also showed she could make it, which is equally important and could mix it up and take the defense off of the dribble. Good ball handling and court vision.

Kyiah Prestridge-5’9 G (BTR) attacks the basket hard and finishes with contact but she also can show finesse around the basket by hitting the short jumper. She does a good job of setting the defense up and understands the simple things like finding ways to put the ball in the basket but when you go to the flip side, she also plays defense.

Chanel Shuler-6’0 P (Pro Skills) that growth spurt definitely caught me off guard as well as her progression from the last time I saw her. She’s at “the magic number” one more time, that’s 6’0 and her strength coupled with her height is going to be watched closely. She rebounds and finishes and moves her feet well on defense outside of the paint but with her size and body, her upside is scary.


Nadia Jordan-4’11 G (Team Jordan) she was one of the babies of the bunch yet you’d never have known it because of one intangible that can’t be taught, mental toughness, and she refused to back down. She does a good job of creating her shot and has a pull-up jumper at this stage to go along with that is huge but she also attacks strongly off the dribble.

Trinity Boone-5’0 G (Unity) my second sighting of Boone showed me she has been working and her court savviness is beyond her years as she comprehends a lot and implements on the court where she did a good job of creating her shot, especially against older players which probably had a lot to do with her athletic ability which is under control.

Jazlyn Rhodes-5’4 G (Unity) did a good job during skills and drills and yes, she creates her shot well, under pressure but she also handles the ball well and found ways to get to the basket and finish. Not only did she make good passes, but she also reacts well on defense by switching as well as just guarding her man tightly.