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The South, Middle School Recap 2019

By Pass Tha Ball, 09/14/19, 5:45AM PDT


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The South, definitely brought some hidden young talent to Houston, TX. Impressed with these players skills set and what they could do come game time. Can't wait to see how they continue to improve and progress over the next year. Special thanks to all the parents, staff, and media that came out. TV Media, She's Ballin, Girlz Prep Report, and Skilled Up Elite. 

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Evaluations were written by GirlzPrepReport

Gwendlyn McGrew - 5’9, PG, 2024 - The more I see her the more she continues to show me that the sky is the limit and when you look at her size, athletic ability and skill set, that in itself is intriguing but her BB-IQ is ahead of the game, she understands she can take over offensively at will. I first noticed her dropping the long ball a few months ago but she attacks ferociously and with power and now her ability to see the floor and make pinpoint passes adds fuel to the fire.

Taylor Jones - 5’1, PG, 2024 - Handling the ball under pressure is always a good sign as she takes defenders off the dribble nicely but she also finishes strong and that’s after contact. Speaking of strong, her body brings power on both ends. She creates her shot in traffic and sees the floor.

Kemah Shaw - 5’5, PG, 2024 -One of the many players I’ve already seen that I took absolutely no notes because it’s embedded in my head. This young lady impressed me the first time I saw her, she’s vocal, she absorbs everything and most importantly, she delivers on the court. Pull up in transition like the big girls, finishes strong, baseline to baseline defense, plays the passing lane, and just brings so much to the table and the scary thing is when the table is fully set.

Deyjah Ray - 5’4, PG, 2024 - I have been watching this young lady for some years, remember as I stated in opening paragraph “potential” which she showed early, and “keep getting better” which she is in fact she made a Tip Sheet earlier this year because she took over in crunch time playing the passing lane, she does that well, scores off the dribble, and has nice pull-up. Game situation in the all-star game, I saw more aggressiveness on both ends but she wants “it”.

Jolee Haley - 5’1, PG, 2024 - Initially her ability to create caught my eye during the skill set, in fact she went through the stations with ease but her athleticism showed she could be productive on both ends. She attacks the basket hard but her court vision was definitely one of the best in her class, as well as her knowledge of the game.

Khouri White - 5’3, G, 2024 - Observes everything and implemented what she saw during game situation. Man up defense baseline to baseline was on point, you can’t teach desire, but she also creates her shot well under pressure. With her athleticism she showed over and over that she could get her shot off.

Torran Deterville - 5’5, PG, 2024 - Not the prototype point guard but she can run a team, and speaking of run, it’s hard to stay with her as she blazes by defenders. She’s made multiple Tip Sheets already, I saw something special years ago and its crystal clear because she is showing she can take over a game offensively whenever she wants.

Nicolette Polocheck - 5’11, F, 2024 - Saw her a few months ago, was given the wrong name so here we are. She is going to create issues down the road. Well she’s creating them now, size, physical, desire and a nice skill set. Finishes strong runs the floor and rebounds on both ends but her upside will have numerous colleges on her.

Abby Kilgore - 5’6, G, 2024 - I might have her in the wrong class but nevertheless, she showed me a lot. The lost art of shooting the mid-range is almost a thing of the past but she does it well, over and over and with her form and creativity, that’s a good base. Handles the ball well, mixes it up nicely on offense and has plenty of upside. 

Isabella Riggan - 5’7, G, 2024 - Plenty of notes on her because not only was it a first look, it was a good look. Rebounds and ignites the break, plays bigger than she is, but watching her create off the dribble and attack spoke volumes. She can also drop the mid-range with ease, her upside is going to be strong in the future. 

Kimora Lopez - 5’8, F, 2024 - Ball-handling dazzled me early but athleticism is through the roof. It enabled her to show me a whole lot. She gets to the basket from anywhere almost whenever she wants but she also has excellent timing and reads the defense very well. When you have speed and play the passing lane well, that’s a layup going the other way, she did that numerous times. 

Jade Williams - 5’8, G, 2024 - One of the young ladies I’ve been watching for a very long time, 5th grade she showed me something and just watching her, I knew what was coming. Scores off the dribble with either hand but that firs step is quick that enables her to keep going or take that pull up. Long and athletic, defends and plays the passing lane.

Maddison Bob - 5’8, 2024 - If you look at my notes, it’s coded so I have "UPS" for her not only because she delivers but can flat out explode off the ground. She’s athletic, handles the ball and see's the floor well, but her acceleration coupled with her change of pace are great tools to have offensively. When you add that she understands how to create her shot...!

Rian Forestier - 5’8, G, 2024 - First looks are great, especially when you’re aggressive during the drills and skills portion but she doesn’t mind the physical part, giving or taking, because she defends closely and finishes strongly. Later she mixed it up and did a good job creating off the dribble and attacking the rim.

Sarah Gregory -5’1, G, 2025 - Like the old folks used to say “I knew you before you were born” definitely applies because she is the fourth basketball daughter from a very talented family. She takes a little from each, she plays hard and within herself, she see's the floor very well and like all, she’s athletic. That pull-up in transition will create problems as well.

Jena Warden -5’8, F, 2025 - Amazed me the first sighting a few months ago, playing up, and started off slow, things happen. Game time, last one Saturday and all-star Sunday, she goes completely off. Size, “gets it” already, takes defenders off dribble, nice mid-range and rebounds on both ends but her desire and upside will bring much more.

Laylar Tovar - 5’0, PG, 2025 - One of my go to statements that I use in hashtags is #SizeDontMatter. Now keep in mind, there is a catch, when you can play and speaking of catch, the catch and shoot looks good, so does the mid-range but won’t back down and keeps coming offensively and defensively.

Camryn Register -5’4, G, 2025 - Came from Georgia for a reason and her game was more than peachy, pun intended as she zig zagged in the open court making me dizzy and I’m not exaggerating because when you are under control, doing that going full speed, what’s next?  I know she has flair, scores from outside and attacks well but in the open court something big is coming. 

Isabella D’Alessandro -5’3, G, 2025 - Plenty of good ball handling guards at the event and she showed her stuff off the top. Under control, changes gears under pressure and attacks the rim from multiple angles or straight down the middle. She also understands how to get her shot off and plays within herself.

LA Sneed - 5’5, G, 2025 - Called her a #BCSLock in the 5th grade, check my record, basketball related, I haven’t been wrong yet and I’m not wrong now. She’d probably make every HS team in the area and start for most. No notes needed, off the dribble, open court, pull up from The Riverwalk, she scores more ways than I can name but her POISE at this stage, is why I labeled her early. 

Ava Anderson -5’8, F, 2025 - Handled the ball well during the drills and was one of the top players in the 1 on 1 sets so her size and skill set are key to what she will become. From what I’m seeing is big. She shoots the mid-range quite well and if she has another growth spurt that will give her more options because colleges love big guards that can shoot and she has guard skills.

Aaliyah Williams - 5’2, PG, 2025 - Her handles set everything up because she see's the floor quite well for her age and either attacks or creates her shot. She also showed she could create for her teammates by bringing the double team to her and dishing. Side note, she plays the passing lane.

Bella Oliva - 5’0, G, 2025 - One more time #SizeDontMatter when you can play and she understands what to do and when to do it. Plays within herself and passed skills with flying colors. Game time, she created her shot in multiple situations and hit the mid-range over and over but she also handled the ball under pressure.

Sydney Villareal - 5’4, G, 2025 - Multiple pages have “create” under the notes and I remember that clearly. Long arms, plays passing lane and showed she could alter shots defensively but her ability to create her shot while being tightly guarded is and will always be a good thing because she comes off the dribble and makes things happen.

Rachel Ashby - 5’1, PG, 2025 - This might be the biggest group of young players I’ve seen in a camp that could create their shot in a long time. She thinks the game and sets defenders up well, at this stage, that’s great to build on but nice range on her shot, which consistently goes in will always be big down the road. Plenty of upside.  

Ashlyn Hollis -5’9, G, 2025 - Stood out in ball-handling drills as well as game situation because she mixes it up in the open court as well as half court. She understands the “one on one” situation and how to take advantage of it and she also knows how to just take the jumper but her athleticism and eagerness tell me I’ll be hearing a lot more 

Keylie Washburn - 5’8, G, 2025 - When you have players at this age that absolutely love to play defense, that is a very good sign because I know plenty that played at the next level on that alone. That’s only part of it, she battles for everything, on the floor, in the stands or off the boards not to mention she has good timing and blocks shots. Oh yeah, she finishes strong, after contact.

Aniya Foy -5’8, G, 2025 - Finally got to see her live, the best way for me to give accurate analysis with no “sleight of hand” non-sense so yes, she can play. She attacks the rim like she’s in high school, finishes with contact but her pull-up in the open court will be like magic down the road because she’s doing it with ease now. Plays the passing lane, see's the floor, and defends. She can play!

Jada Harvey - 5’6, PG, 2025 - Was so impressed that initial sighting that I just through my portfolio down. It broke, that was lesson, but she’s giving lessons on the court and punishing in the process. She plays bigger than her size and is one of those that can play 3 or 4 positions at the next level. She understands the game, mixes it up to get teammates involved and scores inside/outside sometimes effortlessly. 

Aaliyah Smith - 5'11,  F, 2024 - Size and strength will be huge for her when she enters high school for a n umber of reasons because she can score in the paint, good hands and footwork, she rebounds on both ends and runs the floor yet her defense, inside and outside, plus her ability to face the basket and score shows she can play outside the paint as well.

Whitney Smith - 4'11, PG, 2026 - What is one of the things I say over and over, size don't matter, when you can play and the heat she showed me when I first saw her, didn't even know she was a "sister" had me glued to her game. She understands things now many seniors don't and basketball IQ is very important at her size but she gets "it", terror on defense, handles ball under pressure, and can score

Journey Jefferson - 4'2, G, 2026 - Earle, Arkansas- Defensive stopper, athletic and went through the drills with ease. Already understands the simple things, does a good job of creating her shot and attacking the basket not to mention finish with contact.

Jada Maples - 5'0, PG, 2026 - Earle, Arkansas - Well when you can stutter step,  change direction going full speed, at this stage, you're on to something big that's coming. Handles the ball well, under pressure and finishes multiple ways.

Kaelyn Blanchard, 5'2, PG, 2026 - Baytown, Texas - Athleticism is always good and when you combine it with long arms at this stage, things will fall into place with her work ethic. I love her upside, she gets "it" already and showed she could score.

Kyndall Graham, 4'6, G, 2026, Shreveport, Louisiana - I have a saying, size don't matter, when you can play, and she showed the floater and defense early. When the bright lights of Sunday's All Star game came on, coast to coast, pull-up in transition not to mention handles the ball under pressure.

Delaney Arredondo - 5'1, PG, 2026 - San Antonio, Texas - She's ready for prime-time right now because some things you can't teach so shall I call her a D1 Lock right now? Yes, because the game starts at the one, she hits teammates in traffic, understands how to control tempo and can take over offensively. By the way, I haven't been wrong yet.

Faith Idowu - 5'2, G, 2026 - Houston, Texas- Handles the ball well under pressure, that's always a good sign because you can build on it and her basketball IQ is ahead of where it should be. Defends well, knows how to get her shot off, as well as when to take it.

Nia Phillips - 5'7, PG, 2026 - Katy, TX - She already possesses a lot of tools that's ahead of the game. Strong inside, she rebounds and pushes the ball the length of the court. She attacks and finishes strong and plays the passing lane. She's 5'7 now and might reach "the magic number" which is 6'0.

Mackenzie Teuton, 4'8, G, 2027 - Richmond, Texas - This camp was open to players that were in the 6th grade  and competitive 5th graders so I was overly happy to see her performing. She was solid during the skill set but on Sunday, the gloves were taken off and to open up it up with back to back jumpers got the crowd going. She understands and absorbs so much that her upside is scary good.