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Grand Finale Recap 2019

By PassThaBall, 08/20/19, 4:45PM PDT



2019 All Stars Game

The 7th Annual Grand Finale All Stars game was another success. The game took place this year in Stockton, Ca and featured four games from middle school to high school. This event is a great way to see the up and coming talent in the area for fun and competitive games. A big thank you to everyone that came out, helped, and participated. Our coaches Aquira DeCosta of Baylor Women's Basketball and Naje' Murray of Cal Women's Basketball. All the media NorCal Preps, NSR, Next Level Photography, Elite IQ Hoops, and more.

Evaluations were done by Stacey Harris of NSR. Contact him with any questions on recruiting

Alana Rose Bella ’24- Runs the PG position. Very quick and hustles, good pace running the offense, and can hit the three ball.

Brandie White ’24- True Post, plus a good rebounder, nice size and length, finishes well with both hands, a player to watch!

Aryn Bright ’25- Guard, very physical, moves well off the ball, good finisher, and has some range.

Hillary Steinman ’25- PG, floor leader, fast in transition, sees the floor well, and good on ball defender.

Lindsey Wirgler ’24- Scrappy defender, good footwork, runs the wing well in transition, and can penetrate the lanes.

Za’ Raya Harris ’25- Good rebounder on both ends, has some range, and good defender.

Sydney Benally ’24- Excellent wing type, good defender, not afraid to mix it up

Zakara Cooper '25- PG, great first step, strong body, and really moves well without the ball.

Jordan Lee ’24- Very athletic guard with good length, good shooter, and explosive first step, and finishes well at the rim. Player to watch!

Nina Cain ’25- Tall player with good length, nice first step, and can defend.

Ariana Hallstrom ’25- Great size, runs the floor well. Very good defender and is a spot up shooter.

Jakayla Gilmer ’24- Very quick off the dribble with both hands, good athlete that can knock down the open shot.

Natalia Martinez ’24- Hustle player, good off the dribble, super active player, and good finisher.

Sienna Evans ’25- athletic guard that moves well off screens, good on ball defender, makes good passes, and nice point guard qualities.

Ryan Rodriquez ‘25- Very physical post defender and rebounder, gets into transition well, and good team player.

Nyah Buntun '24- Dynamic PG with a motor. Tough defender and great team player. Solid penetrator to score or to dish. 

Sianna Squires ’24- PG type with good handles, good passer, and can penetrate.

Elisa Ortega ’26- PG with good court vision and can really run the floor, nice mid-range shot.

Phobe Manalili ’25- Super fast PG with great court vision, solid defender, and has a good shot.

Jordan Lee 2024 MVP with Coach Naje' Murray of Cal WBB



Brooklyn Perry ’23 True Combo guard with an excellent mid-range game, and the best finisher in the class, excellent on ball defense. Good motor. Player to watch!

Hannah Golan ’23- Guard type, physical defender, runs the floor well, great screener.

Nyana Asiasi '23- Athletic, runs the floor well and has good footwork. Can defend the posting has good hands around the basket, plus a good rebounder. 

Layma Harrell ’23- Great rebounder, a force on the boards, moves well, good feet.

Maya Hernandez ’23- Huge upside for this kid, good size, and moves like a guard. Can penetrate, and is active on the glass. Player to watch.

Haley Herandez ’23- Long guard that works hard on defense and is active on the wing, like her length, and athletic ability, huge upside.

Anyce Jefferson ’23- Athletic guard and a good rebounder, and moves well without the ball on offense.

Baile Clark ’23- Super fast PG that moves well, and has good court awareness, and can defend.

Maya Aina Love Sangco ’23- Excellent spot up shooter, runs the court well, and looks for her shot.

Mia Vaihola ’23- PG that sets up others well, see’s the floor, and has great shot selection.

Brooklyn Perry 2023 MVP

Tamaria Rumph ’23- Super quick guard, great passer off the dribble, and is a strong finisher.

Tabitha Aloo ’23- Long and strong, very active in the paint, plus a good rebounder, and makes quick decisions in traffic. Good Motor! Player to watch.

Taylor Snaer ’23- Slasher, very quick off the dribble, nice mid-range game, and good on ball defender.

Jamaya Perry ’23- Good size, strong body, post type player, runs the floor well, physical in the paint, and rebounds well.

Brooke Nordahl ’23- Very active guard with a nose for the ball, rebounds well, and can run.

Mari Somvichian ’23- Fast Guard with good moves, has some range and is kinda shifty with the ball.

Synise Byrd ’23- Long athletic guard, runs the wing, and defends well.

Makiah Asidanya '23- Very strong big guard with excellent first step, and plays well off contact.

Cadence Kimura ’23- Crafty PG with good handles, can create space off the dribble, good spacing, and sees the floor well. Good on ball defender.

Jade Ramirez '23 -Smart guard that can score, has a nose for the ball, handles the ball well under pressure, and has good court vision. Shoots it well, has good range, and excellent finisher.


Aunika Hornung ’22- Very strong Post player, and a plus rebounder, dominant force in this class, has the tools to be a great all around Post. Player to watch. 

Lauren Green ’22- Guard type, likes to run the wing, good ball handler, and can shoot the three ball.

Siena Guttadauro ’22- Athletic and quick guard, crafty ball handler that likes to penetrate, and hard worker on defense.

Georgia Pournaras ’22- Nice Guard type, runs the floor well, and spot up shooter.

Zaria Glover ’22- Very athletic and talented guard, can score from anywhere, runs the floor very well, and brings energy!  Player to watch.

Nevaeh Asiasi’ 22- Very strong body, post type player with a soft mid-range shot. Great footwork and can finish either side, shot blocker.

Madison Clark ’22- Quick guard that can defend and gets out in transition.

Dymonique Maxie ’23- PG that can finish well, good lateral movement, and see’s the floor.

Dyani Bernstine ’23- Quick smart guard that see's the floor well and makes good decisions.

Dymonique Maxie 2023 MVP

Abbey Hadsell ’22- Long  and tall Post player with rebounding skills, runs well, and can post up.

Christina Coatney ’22- Guard wing type player that can mix it up on defense.

Kennis Jasperson ’22- Excellent on ball defender, likes the ball in her hands, see's the floor well.

Sophia Lee ’22- PG type likes to lead, strong off the dribble, and can finish.

Sydney Owens ’22- Tall and athletic type player, has all the tools to develop into an elite player.

Kelly Tumlin ’22- Elite perimeter shooter, runs the wing well and can finish well. Excellent on ball defender. Player to watch!

Via Fonongaloa ’22- True post type player, likes to be physical, can move well in the paint, and is a hard worker.

Simone Murray’22- Physical guard that can defend, likes the ball in her hands, and makes others better.

Konani Chinn ’23- Very physical guard, plays well off contact, and has good court awareness.

Eryn Gardner ’23- Long combo guard with a knack for rebounding and blocking shots. Can transition into a 3-4 type because of versatility.


Kalia Coverson ’21- Super quick PG that can penetrate to dish and/or score. A scrappy defender.

Diamond Richardson ’21- Great size for Combo Guard plays with attitude, good defender, she is a force in the transition game. Player to watch!

Sydney Capel ’20- Big Post type player, can bang and rebound, runs the floor well, and is comfortable defending in the paint.

Saray White ’22- Long athletic guard that can fill the lane, runs the floor very well, and is a good finisher.

Kaylie Edge ’22- Guard with great range on her jumper, can create space with limited dribbles and/or ball fakes, nice floater. Player to watch!

Rose Morse ’21- Likes to shoot it… runs the floor well, and is a good on ball defender.

Diamond Richardson 2021 MVP

Claire Hinds ’21- Tall wing that can shoot the three, good post defender, and rebounder, can block shots, and run the floor.

Rachel Harvey ’20- Dynamic guard that can score, has a nose for the ball, and is very active on both ends. Good range and excellent finisher.

Jiana Creswell ’22- Wing type player that runs the floor well and is a good defender, and spot up shooter.

Paisley Specht ’21- Athletic Wing that runs the floor well and moves well without the ball. Strong and physical player that is active on the boards. 

Grace Bliss ’20- All around player with good guard skills and has great range, not shy about getting buckets,  and she defends well.

Isha Nambisan ’21- Good size and has a good outside touch, can defend, and run the court well.