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Adidas Gauntlet Indy 2019

By PassThaBall, 07/12/19, 8:00PM PDT


Colorado Basketball Club Platinum Division Champs (PC: Defro/Double Edge Media)

Colorado Basketball Club Platinum Division Champs (PC: Defro/Double Edge Media)

Adidas Gauntlet Indy Championship Recap

Best Choice Fieldhouse, in Fishers, IN, was the host of the Adidas Gauntlet Finale. This event set the championship seeds for the final stop of July recruiting. Your number one's going into Atlanta are:

Platinum Championship- Colorado Basketball Club
Gold- Parker Championship- JBS 2021
Gold- Ogwumike Championship- Arkansas Mavericks Rogers

Jana Van Gytenbeek #4 and Calista Clark #22 Colorado Basketball Club (PC: Travis Fukumoto)

The Platinum Championship game between CSS Bison and CBC Elite, was led by Stanford commit Jana Van Gytenbeek ('20). Really enjoyed seeing her communicate with her team the entire game. You rarely see point guards have control over their team from start to finish.

CBC Elite put their foot on the gas and increased their lead to 17 over CSS Bison with outstanding team basketball. Even though they were down big, CSS Bison continued to fight, and after a late run came up short 55-52. CBC Elite was lead by Calista Clark (6'3- 2020) with 20 points.

In the Gold Ogwumike Championship both KS United Soyez and the Arkansas Mavericks-Rogers started their game fast and with defensive intensity. KS United-Soyez used a balance attack to jump ahead of the Arkansas Mavericks-Rogers 17-9 at the nine minute mark of the first half.

After settling down the Arkansas Mavericks-Rogers made some good adjustments to KS United-Soyez style of play to trail by 1, 27-26 at the half.

Arkansas Mavericks started the 2nd half like another team with a 15-4 run to take a 41-31 lead at the 10:30 minute mark of the second half. After their run, the Arkansas Mavericks-Rogers started using different looks on defense to wear down Walker and make sure the rest of her teammates could not get going offensively.

The Arkansas Mavericks-Rogers captured the championship 49-43 with Isabella Higginbottom (5'8-2021) leading the way with 16 points.

Zyanna Walker (5'10-2022) being guarded by Wynter Rogers (6'0-2021) of KS United-Soyez led all scores with 23pts (PC: Travis Fukumoto)

Jzaniya Harriel JBS #21, Ahrray Young JBS #2, and Zakia Rasheed Aways 100 #33 (PC: Travis Fukumoto)

In the Gold Parker Championship between JBS Gauntlet 2021 and Always 100 Attack provided some early entertainment with the teams trading baskets and making it a back and forth battle in the first half. Jzaniya Harriel (5'10-2021) of JBS Gauntlet 2021, was very effective creating off the dribble and making some tough pull up jumpers. Not to be outdone early on, Zakia Rasheed (5'8-2021) of Always 100 Attack, made some timely three's to keep them in the game.

At the half Always 100 Attack led JBS Gauntlet 2021 28-22. JBS Gauntlet 2021 started the 2nd half with a 17-5 run to take the lead 39-36 with 9 min left in the second half.

After using the run to build their lead, JBS Gauntlet 2021 spent the rest of the game in a spread offense to waste time with there being no shot clock in the Gold Division. This was something that almost cost them the game because it gave Always 100 Attack a chance to hang around even though they held Zakia Rasheed to one point in the second half after she started out the game on fire. That left the door open for Sydney Graber (6'1- 2020). With 1:04 left in the game she hit a huge three to cut the JBS Gauntlet 2021 lead 54-51. In the end it was too much JBS Gauntlet 2021 with key plays by Ahrray Young (5'10-2022), who led JBS Gauntlet 2021 with 18 points and a 59-58 win over Always 100 Attack.

Isabella Higginbottom #3 Arkansas Mavericks (PC: Travis Fukumoto)