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NorCal 40 Forty Academy | Middle School

By PassThaBall, 03/04/19, 7:30PM PST


Battle Zone Basketball Events along with Elite I.Q. Hoops put on the NorCal 40 Forty Middle School Showcase. Some new talent on the rise that continues to improve.

Lead Trainers

-Coach Buck

-Elite I.Q Hoops

- The Basketball Trainer

Standouts from this event played very well and improved from the last time we seen them.


Jasmine Howard 2023- Aggressive player, defense is where she thrives, and will attack the basket when its open. Has a nice assist game as well, uptempo, energetic player. Needs to continue to work on shooting and learn how to use her gears.

Sienna Evans 2026- Athletic guard, handles the ball well, attacks the lane when its open. Needs to continue to work on shooting and the position of the point guard spot.

Olive Batch 2023- Good size player with length, keeps the ball high, active on the boards, can catc and finish at the rim. Needs to continue to get stronger, work on footwork, and add a mid-range game.

Synise Byrd 2023- Attacks the basket, handles the ball well, showed a nice mid-range jumper and a floater in the lane. Needs to continue to work on getting stronger, add a mid-range game, tighten up the handles, but played well.

Nyana AsiAsi 2023- Strong guard that can handle the ball and get to the basket. Finished with contact, goes up strong, shoots the mid-range well, made some good passes. Needs to continue to work on defense and be able to play both ends equally.

Cassidy Bartolette 2024- Anything around the basket went in, shoots it well, has a consistent shot around the paint, has good hands, ran the floor well, finished at the rim, and active on the rebounds. Needs to continue to work on getting stronger, quicker, and adding footwork for moves in the paint. Played very well.

Kalyn Harris 2023- Good size, active on the boards, hustled, scored around the basket. Plays good defense, stayed with her defender, and ran the floor. Needs to continue to work on ball handling, shooting, and getting stronger.

Konani Chinn 2023- Made good passes on the fast break, hustled, active on the rebounds, played good defense, and handeled the ball well. Would like to see her more aggressive on the offensive end, take outside shots, and attack the basket more. Played well and would like to see more of her game.

Adrienne Blackwell 2023- Showed some nice footwork around the paint, active on the boards, not afraid of being physical, made some difficult shots with contact, and showed a nice skill set. Would like to see more of her shooting abilities from mid-range/outside.

Gianna Ghio 2023- Good ball handler, plays the point guard position very well, played the passing lanes, active hands on the defensive end, attacked the basket, see's the floor, and makes good passes. Needs to continue to work on mid-range/outside shot.

Rachel Brans 2024- More of a perimeter player, shot well from outside, made good decisions with the ball, didn't force an opportunity if it wasn't there. Would like to see her be more aggressive on the offensive end. Need to see her ball handling under pressure/when she attacks the basket. Still young and will improve over time, had a nice skill set.

Taytum Johnson 2024- Quick guard, picks up full court on defense, plays aggressive, not afraid of contact. Can attack the basket when the opportunity is open, shares the ball, good court vision. Would like to see her shooting abilities, and be more verbal at the point guard spot. Has a nice skill set for her age and being form a basketball family she will be ready come high school.

Gracyn Lovette 2023- Absolutely love her step back shot. She shoots the mid-range very well, has some nice moves at the basket, makes good passes, has a nice overall skill set that was impressive. Needs to continue to get stronger and make shots at the basket with contact. She has a lot of potential.

Maya Aina Love-Sangco 2023- Has improved on her game since last year. Can really shoot the ball very well, see's the floor, makes good decisions with the ball along with some nice passes. Has good size at the point guard/guard position and she has definitely become more aggressive on the offensive end. Just needs to continue to get stronger, quicker, and continue to work on the all around game. Overly impressed with her performance.

Lamya Harrell 2023- An aggressive and athletic player that can get to the rim. Has very good moves, handles the ball well, just attacks all the time. Even showed off an outside shot so she can go inside and outside. Her defense is just as intense, has active feet and hands and will get steals. She played very well and as a lot of potential heading into high school.

Aiani Prater 2025- Young and skilled, she has some talent for her age. Handles the ball well, makes good passes, can even shoot it well. Good instincts with a fundamental game. Still young with a lot of potential, will surely continue to improve over time.

Alana Rose Bella 2024- Has improved since last year, even though she is still young her game is definitely above average. She's strong, aggressive, handles the ball very well, not afraid of contact. She can shoot it better from outside, makes good passes, has some nice moves, and finishes around the basket. Her defense is just as active and plays both ends of the floor.

Phoebe Manalili 2025- Young but unafraid to score and attack the basket. Smart player, got to the basket, made good passes, active on the defensive end. Needs to continue to tighten up the ball handling and work on mid-range/outside shot.

Calonni Holloway 2025- Has good court vision, made some good passes, fast and athletic, good moves when attacking the basket, active on defense as well. Solid skill set for her age and still learning. Would like to see her mid-rang/outside shooting next time.

Michaela Echon 2023- She can shoot the ball, fundamental player, active hands, plays smart, always around the ball. She can create for herself and her teammates, has good court vision. Needs to continue to work on quickness and shooting off the dribble.

Marissa Elizalde- Handles the ball well, good moves, attacks the basket, not afraid of contact. Needs to continue to get stronger and work on the mid-range/outside shot.

Hannah Golan 2023- Strong guard that handles the ball well, good footwork when attacking the basket, shoots the mid-range very well, active on the boards, and has good size. Needs to continue to work on quickness but played very well.

Geriah Bradley 2023- Strong aggressive player that plays both ends. She can really see the floor and make good passes. Will attack and finish at the rim. Has good size and makes plays. Would like to see her improve on her mid-range/outside shooting.

Alexandra Facelo 2024- Smart, high I.Q. player. Knows where her teammates are suppose to be. Can create for herself and others. She's patient with the ball, doesn't force much. Handles the ball very well. Can shoot the ball and attack the basket. Has so much potential for her age. Needs to continue to get stronger and quicker.