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About Us


Pass Tha Ball was created by Marissa Holbert in December of 2010. We cover Girls Basketball and travel to so many places throughout the year looking for special talent, top teams, rival games, and playoffs! Based out of the Bay Area but go everywhere to bring exposure to players that must be seen. You don’t have to be ranked to be on here, if we see someone worth filming, you will get on camera. We decided to allow people to watch and get a better understanding besides reading about it or seeing a photo of a player/team. Feel free to chime in and let us know what other undiscovered talent is out there!

Members of our PTB Crew and anyone else are fakes:

Bob Corwin: writer who has been in the game for over two decades. Loves women’s basketball and covers all aspects of it from middle school, high school, college, and WNBA. He tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

Velencia J– social media and videographer based in Texas

Jennifer Polk– social media and operations manager.

Anthony– videographer based in Texas

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Editorials shall be based on performance, stats and potential that will not degrade or belittle any individual. Editorials shall not be based on family, social relationship, sex, race, religion, national origins, marital status, age, physical handicap, political opinion or political affiliation.

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